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Because we never learn to manage our emotions, as we grow older, we find ourselves less and less in control of our life and the events that shape our reality. Instead of consciously creating the life we want, we allow emotions like stress, anger, hopelessness, and fear to dictate our actions and end up with a self that we barely recognise and a life that looks like an unfortunate parody of what we had hoped for in our more optimistic, saner moments. Fortunately, it’s never too late to take back the reins and discover your true nature as a woman.

I can help you create the reality you desire. 

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I'm Krati Mehra

This space is dedicated to sharing all my learnings and resources to help you become your most unapologetic, authentic self enhanced for maximum impact. I believe that you can reach your greatest triumphs by learning to manage your emotions, questioning your limitations, and going beyond your labels. I learned it the hard way. My story is really an abject lesson in the importance of emotional intelligence, the power of personal narrative, and the journey from chaos to empowerment. I can’t promise you unicorns and rainbows but if you stick around, there really is a pot of gold at the end of this path.

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What is your
Emotional Archetype?

Power or Prison, What role do your emotions play in your life?

Are you ruled by your emotions, or are you the one in control? How emotionally intelligent are you? In difficult moments, can you carefully understand, manage, and use your emotions to overcome challenges? Find out with this quiz. 


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A podcast designed to help you revel in all that life has to offer without pressing pause on your hustle. Forget the conventional ideas of success and happiness because we’re going to live a life of value and create an impact that speaks to our place in the world.

Beyond The Goals has expert interviews and solo episodes deep  diving into subjects that can help you enhance your mental, physical, and emotional health, build enduring confidence, and emotional resilience so that you can slay your own dragons but also ask for help if you need it because of course, we cover all things relationships and dating as well ;)

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Get your nerd on with a ton of resources covering everything from emotional empowerment and mental health to relationships and owning your inner BOSS along with ‘educational’ glimpses into my life and all the lessons that I have learned to get where I’m today. 

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I'm Krati Mehra

Women Empowerment Coach, Writer, Podcaster, Daughter, & Milkshake Loving Superhero Nerd always down for the weirdest adventures. I’m glad you’re here. Now, let’s dive in!

What is Your Emotional Archetype?

Power or Prison, what role do your emotions play in your life? Do they add to your power or are  they the secret saboteur holding you back? Take the free quiz to find out.