When a woman decides to be bold and play big, the world changes for the better.

I contribute to that transformation by helping women create the life they want by amplifying their inner strength and outer confidence.

It’s also how I channel my anger at the dismissal and denigration of women that has caused so much harm in the past and continues to show up whenever a woman goes OFF-SCRIPT.

I, too, let the perception of others shrink me into a caricature of my true self and the consequence of that were years of depression, self-harm, and frightening mental episodes.

Eventually, I found the courage to re-build myself from a place of curiosity with the judgmental voices of others, for once, put on mute. I discovered that everything I needed to build that ‘dream life’ was available within me, and I just had to take apart the layers of doubt, judgement, and fear obscuring my real self.

The intense self-work led to a healthy mind and body, loving relationships, a thriving business, and a self awake to the power and the possibilities on offer.

Through my 1:1 coaching, I now help women, around the world, create the life they want as the version of themselves they’ve only ever met in their most secret dreams.

I'm Krati Mehra

A women’s empowerment coach, host of On Her Terms podcast, and a massive superhero nerd on a quest to show the world what a truly determined woman can do. 

Armed with my background in Psychology and the experience of working with women from underserved communities, I ditched my corporate career to become my own boss and live a life of value and impact.

Now, I advocate for and support women who dream big and are willing to fight years of repression and conditioning to create a reality that gives those dreams a run for their money ;)


What is your
Emotional Archetype?

Power or Prison, What role do your emotions play in your life?

In difficult moments, can you carefully understand, manage, and use your emotions to overcome challenges?

On Her Terms Podcast

Helping Women nurture
the power within

The podcast discusses the issues and struggles women face when they go off-script and try to reach for bigger goals and more empowered living. 

Every Thursday, I help women awaken to their unique personal power and embrace it unapologetically. From sexual expression to confident communication, self-prioritisation to equality in relationships, in focused interviews with guest experts, I unpack the female experience through radically transparent conversations. 

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Get your nerd on with a ton of resources covering everything from emotional empowerment and mental health to relationships and owning your inner BOSS along with ‘educational’ glimpses into my life and all the lessons that I have learned to get where I’m today. 

prefer Learning that's focused and customised to your needs?

Build inner courage and outer confidence that matches up to your most ambitious goals.
*We begin with an empowerment audit. Even if you’re not ready for anything long term, you still walk away with an exact plan to help you execute some necessary but quick strategies that will give you results that impact all corners of your life.