10 Reasons to Travel for Self-Growth

Travel to grow

Travel is my trick to maintaining my sanity. Whenever I land in a new country and go to some beautiful place that I had only ever read about in books, I feel like weeping with gratitude. No matter how often I do it, the moment I step out of the airport into someplace new, I feel overwhelmed.

It’s a true privilege to be able to explore other countries and one I treat with great respect. Travel has made me a better person in more ways than I could ever explain.

I wanted to share my reasons for loving travel as much as I do. Hopefully, one of these will resonate with you and take you one step closer to planning your next trip.

How travel leads to growth-

1. It toughens you up

Travel is an ideal way of teaching someone responsibility. I say this from personal experience. It teaches you to keep your cool and handle difficult situations without losing your calm. Money, documentation as well as etiquettes and diplomacy are all a part of travel.

You learn money management, organisation, consideration, and respect. You either learn it the easy way or the lessons are shoved down your throat- one way or the other, you learn.

2. Culture, Culture, Culture!

Definitely one of my main reasons for traveling. I love exploring new cultures and observing strange customs. I could be dead on my feet after a long, overnight flight, but one glimpse of a famous ruin or castle and it would be like I am chock full of energy drugs.

Isn’t it fascinating that despite sharing the same living space, we all have different histories and way of life? When you cross the border into a new country, it’s like you are in a brand new world with so much to learn. Every nook and corner of a historically significant building has a story to tell.

Armed with the right information or a great guide, you can go back in time and experience those amazing moments that changed the face of the world.

3. Best use for your hard-earned cash

I haven’t freely shopped in 3 years because I save all my money for traveling. My parents are awesome and always happy to lend a helping hand, but there is something about the thrill of paying for an entrance ticket to a place you have long admired. These are the moments that make me feel like I am doing alright in life.

Acquire a taste for traveling and you’ll be surprised by how little you really need to be happy. The memories you make on a trip last forever and there is no way you can put a price on that.

4. Take the scenic route

Switzerland’s snow-capped mountains, Greece’s beautiful beaches, the castles in France – they are all a surefire way of experiencing magic firsthand. Imagine being on a ship in Norway and watching mother nature put on a magic show in the form of the Northern lights or living on a houseboat and waking up to the beauty that is Kashmir. These experiences can give you a new appreciation for life.

5. Love and Laughter

Trips together, short or long, can help you bond with friends and family. Travel companions share highs and lows of a trip which brings them closer. Those shared moments of camaraderie lead to deeper trust, understanding and a connection built on shared memories.

6. Builds confidence

No matter how well planned your trip is, there are bound to be some unpleasant surprises on the way. If you navigate these situations without falling apart, it builds your confidence. If not, you know yourself and your weaknesses a little better.

7. Variety is the spice of life

This is a good way of keeping boredom away. The possibility of meeting new people, sampling new cuisines, trying new activities and seeing places completely different from your hometown keeps life interesting. When you’re home and dealing with everyday life, the upcoming trip lends you patience and keeps you incentivised.

8. Makes you a better person

Travel teaches you sensitivity. An exposure to different cultures, race, and religions is necessary for cultivating a warm relationship with the rest of the world. Occupying one little corner of the world for your entire life promotes ignorance and prejudice. It shows you that regardless of where a person is born, we are all basically the same and equally capable of kindness and fair behaviour.

A visit to a foreign land has the tendency of putting things in perspective. When you realise how some of the people live, it gives you an appreciation for everything you have.

It also makes you realise that you are a very tiny part of a very large world and in the view of all there is to discover and appreciate in this world, your problems are fairly inconsequential.

9. Friends around the world

The world is full of like-minded people. Every time you step out of your home, you have the opportunity of connecting with a fellow human being. I am an incurable romantic, so to me the possibility of meeting some tall, handsome and multi-lingual gentleman with a love for books and travel is an added lure.

10. A practical advantage

Being a well-traveled individual gives you an edge over your peers. This could be of use when competing for a job or project. It may also make you better at assessing people and gauging their interests.

Hopefully, I have convinced you that exploring the world can help you grow into a confident and knowledgeable individual, and all you really have to do is plan a trip full of things that interest you and actually put your plan in action.

Life is too short and there is far too much to explore, so do yourself a favour and get your priorities right. Quit the excuses and do what needs to be done to get your next trip organised and in place. If you think I missed out some other awesome reasons to travel, let me know in the comment section.

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