6 TV Shows Full Of Life Lessons

Must-Watch TV Shows

Six Binge worthy TV shows full of wisdom and warmth

Sometimes, life has these sudden moments of clarity and sometimes these moments come from books we read and TV shows we watch.

When our own lives are spiralling out of control, we find comfort by losing ourselves in the lives of the people living inside our television box. Sometimes, we even pick up life-lessons from said characters and successfully apply them to our own lives.

If nothing else, they definitely do provide us brief moments of forgetfulness wrapped in a virtual hug!

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I have a list of shows that have had enough of an impact on me to have shaped some of my personality or at least given me enough courage to get me through some tough moments in my life. These are all binge-worthy shows. Just start the first episode and you’ll be hooked so, make sure it’s not in the middle of exams or anything.

One Tree Hill

Top of the list because this show is chock full of life lessons.

It revolves around a group of teenagers living in a small town. The show ran from 2003-2012. It’s over so, no worries about the cliffhangers.

The characters are fairly typical of any teen drama, but they developed wonderfully and the storyline is hackneyed, but again, the way it’s resolved is wonderful and heartwarming. Definitely a show I’ll recommend.

Three of the most crucial life-lessons that are repeatedly highlighted in the show-

1) No matter how flawed and damaged you are, you can and will find true love. Just be patient and don’t settle.

2) Find your talent and run with it, because it matters

3) Most Importantly, no matter how bad the pain, it will end and you will come out of it stronger and better

Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is a popular medical drama with a huge cast- all of them extremely good-looking. The sheer number of story lines means you get a flavour of everything in the show. Fair warning though, the show will make you cry A LOT!! There are tragedies happening left, right, and centre.

Despite the length of the show, Grey’s Anatomy has three life Lesson that really got through to me -

1) If you love someone, tell them, no matter the consequences

2) You should never give up your dreams in the name of love

3) Life will kick your ass, you’ve to find a way to fight back

New Girl

I love this show for its sunny, positive vibes. Zoey Deschanel has to be one of the perkiest people. Nick Miller is HILARIOUS!! Schmidt is straight-up nuts! Definitely, watch this show. It is pure, uncomplicated fun, but it does have its moments.

1) Singing fixes things

2) You wanna be weird, be weird. Your tribe will find you

3) Even borderline creepy relationships can help change our lives for the best


The love of every millennial’s life. This show has been a life-saver for me. When I was in London and extremely homesick, I used to play Friends in the background. It was a constant source of comfort and the only thing that would make me stop crying.

1) An obvious one- Good friends are hard to come by. Hold onto the ones you have

2) Don’t give a sh*t about what people think

3) Take a break from your life before you snap


I have a few shows I keep going back to and my ’to-read’ list is so huge that I rarely have time to watch more tv, but after being harassed incessantly by friends, I caved and put on the first episode of the show. Harvey Spector’s cheeky arrogance and swagger made me continue.

I like bad-ass characters that make you believe you can conquer the world if you so desired. Characters who hustle hard to get what they want are even better.

Not to mention the fact, that like every woman that has ever seen the show, I have a giant-ass crush on Harvey Specter. Not Gabriel Macht, but Harvey Specter- please notice the distinction. Donna Paulsen is my spirit character.

1) Dress sharp!

2) Disregard limitations placed on you and just get stuff done!

3) Be ambitious and exude confidence

Once Upon a Time

A show dedicated to magic and fairy tale characters. So, this show was basically right up my alley. It’s full of stories about heroes and villains. Story lines that are all about good humans triumphing over the evil in the world and evil within them never bores me.

I believe in magic and evil. I believe that good always wins so, anything that reinforces that belief, even if it is a fantasy show, is empowering to me.

1) If a villain is willing to change, s/he can have a happy ending too

2) You can have all the power in the world, but if you don’t believe in yourself none of it will work

3) Love conquers all

These are the life lessons I’ve picked up from these shows. I recommend each and every one of them.

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