A relentless believer
in women's ability to
transform the world
and a fierce advocate
for their right to live lives
grounded in love and
unflinching self-belief.

Hi! I'm Krati Mehra

I’m a women’s empowerment coach and host of On Her Terms podcast. I am also a massive superhero nerd and a culture curious traveller.

In 2018, I quit my corporate job to become my own boss and pursue only what served my soul. I have since spent all my time helping women from all over the world and from all walks of life find clarity and courage.

My struggle with depression and anxiety helped me learn some very valuable life lessons; for years, I had let people define me with labels that shamed and disempowered everything that was unique about me and I let fear of judgement guide my choices. I also realised that my anger (and I had a lot of it!) was hiding unresolved pain made worse by my inability to manage my emotions. Getting clear about all of it made it easy for me to find my path.

I did the work. I learned to manage my emotions, carefully rewrote (literally and metaphorically) my story, and lived each day in integrity with my core self, regardless of how the world and even my loved ones, perceived my choices.

The life, and more importantly, the self I found at the end of this path was so shockingly different from everything that had gone before, so much more beautiful that I wanted to shout out everything I had learned from rooftops and share it with everyone else struggling with the pain I had known so intimately.

smiling between the flowers

I reached out to NGOs, forums, and even general discussion platforms; I made myself available, at all hours, to anybody and everybody who could benefit from my experience and learnings. It was an exhausting, intensely emotional, and the most memorable period of my life.

Now, I support women as they figure out their identity free from all restrictive labels, their desires and expectations, and what they need to do to achieve them.

My teachings are supported by my experiences, professional and personal, and my background in Psychology. 

The passion that I bring to my work is not just grounded in my past pain but an entire childhood spent with only books, alter egos, and imaginary friends  for company.

Growing up, I was obsessed with superheroes and warriors righting the wrong and defending the defenceless. It instilled a strong sense of right and wrong within me, and made it impossible for me to ever walk away from a fight especially, when it meant letting injustice stand, in any capacity.

My love for my mother is something else that drives me to this work. My mother who, despite her brilliance, constantly dismisses herself and for years, silently endured insults and abuse. Despite having help, she worked herself into exhaustion because she never learned to say no. She was never allowed to cultivate an identity separate from her roles as a daughter, mother, and wife.

My Best Friend and Mother :)

All of it makes me angry but instead of lashing out at the people and the society that did this to her and countless other women, I channel that emotion into positive action. 

A childhood spent lost in superhero sagas, love for my mother, and the remembrance of old pain are the very powerful forces that sustain my dedication to the work that I do as a women empowerment coach, and it is work that isn’t just important, it’s necessary.

Did you know that-​

Men are four times more likely to negotiate for higher salaries as compared to women and when they do negotiate, they ask for 30 percent more than women do.

Source: Gender Action Portal

1 in 2 Women Worldwide Feel More Self-doubt Than Self-love resulting in lower resilience and self-esteem.

Source: Ipsos

Women apply for promotions only when they meet 100% of the requirements while a male candidate will apply even if he checks only 50 percent of the qualifications.

Source: National Bureau Of Economic Research

Other studies have shown that women only feel confident when they are, by their own estimation, perfect. Studies conducted using brain scans reveal that they are more sensitive to negative emotional stimuli and therefore, likely to retain negative memories for far longer than men.

If you connect the dots, you will see that women are obsessed with perfection because when they venture out of their culturally and socially accepted roles of mother and wife, they feel overwhelming self-doubt. If they face even slightest setback, it adds to their stress. Ignoring their physical and emotional needs, they work desperately hard to maintain the pace trying to find that place of confidence which remains elusive till they have reached their idea of perfection. It is a vicious cycle that can only be broken when women change their inner narrative and actively work on creating a healthy self-image. 

I help women cultivate clarity, courage, and confidence by helping them learn and reinforce habits that allow them to make space for emotions but also bring logic into play and create a HEALTHY DEFENCE against all negativity. We write personal narratives that becomes a WEAPON against anything that tries to get in the way of their progress, and we integrate internal systems that support CONSISTENT FORWARD MOVEMENT.

Here’s what I know, how we show up in the world  is deeply impacted by our self-regard so learn to see yourself as a woman worthy of love, respect and someone with immense value then, match your actions to that belief.

Begin by freeing yourself from the restraints of self-doubt, fear, and judgement. Remember that with power come possibilities.

“I’ve Been Fighting With One Arm Behind My Back.
What Happens When I'm Finally Set Free?”

I can’t help but reference one of the most epic female superhero moments and something that so easily translates to real life. 

Captain Marvel defeated the villain and saved the world. 

Are you ready to find out what adventure your transformation will bring?

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On Her Terms discusses the issues and struggles women face when they go off-script and try to reach for bigger goals and more empowered living. 

From sexual expression to confident communication, self-prioritisation to equality in relationships, in focused interviews with guest experts, I unpack the female experience through radically transparent conversations.

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