I help you rein in the chaos so that you can reach your power and potential

Hello! I'm Krati Mehra

Women Empowerment Coach, Writer, Podcaster, Fierce Feminist, Superhero Nerd, a Daughter, and a non-judgemental Friend that will always let you get your weird on; I help women show up as their most authentic self enhanced for maximum impact.

By learning to regulate and harness my emotions, writing a conscious narrative, and discovering my brand of inner power,  I have gone from a chaotic, broken woman to a strong, focused badass. I made my rock bottom my bi**ch and it was so much fun, I have been teaching others to do the same ;)  

You see, the happy, healthy successes of the world don’t have better resources, or a higher IQ, they’re people adept at regulating and using their emotions to drive better results. Be it your personal, professional, or social life, emotional intelligence along with a strong internal world are the key to unlocking the next level, and my life and every good day I’ve had in the past few years is a testimony to that concept of inner empowerment.

To clarify things a little, let me take you through the defining moments of my life…

Short on time? Here's a quick summary-

Through a conscious process of empowerment,
women can go beyond their 'self-defined' limitations
and bring lasting success & happiness to their lives.

As a coach, I use my personal experience as well as my professional learnings to help my clients go deep into their story & cultivate awareness around their beliefs and anything else that may be holding them back. We build a clear vision of what we want and armed with that awareness, we begin the work of building a strong emotional base and a narrative in alignment with our goals and interests. I use my podcast, blog, trainings, and private sessions to share information and practical exercises around the subject of emotional empowerment and more.

Now, onto more fun stuff...

details to help you know me better!

Books have been my most constant companions. They’ve given me comfort, taken me on adventures, challenged me, and nurtured my mind & soul. Currently exploring the works of Stephen King and Toni Morrison.

More than anything else, I am defined by my love for my parents, and my mom is definitely the force behind my more courageous and bold moves.

A culture curious traveller. Every time I land in a new country, I can feel my soul smile.

smiling between the flowers

Journaling, prayer, & meditation – the gatekeepers of my inner sanctum

Love horror movies, ghost stories, & spooky adventures of all kinds

Guiding Figures – Batman, Marcus Aurelius, & Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Love picnics in open, green spaces with lots of sunshine


(My pep talks are littered with superhero instances & they are HELLA inspiring)

Maintain a cruelty-free lifestyle

Drink chocolate milkshakes & coffee, exclusively

(…and water, of course!)

Crave silence, lonely walks through large museums, and old libraries

Enneagram 4/ INFJ

…and now that you know me a little better, let’s get to work!

What is your
Emotional Archetype?

Power or Prison, What role do your emotions play in your life?

Are you ruled by your emotions, or are you the one in control? How emotionally intelligent are you? In difficult moments, can you carefully understand, manage, and use your emotions to overcome challenges? Find out with this quiz. 

Hey there!

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I'm Krati Mehra

Women Empowerment Coach, Writer, Podcaster, Daughter, & Milkshake Loving Superhero Nerd always down for the weirdest adventures. I’m glad you’re here. Now, let’s dive in!

What is Your Emotional Archetype?

Power or Prison, what role do your emotions play in your life? Do they add to your power or are  they the secret saboteur holding you back? Take the free quiz to find out.