The Best Guided Meditations Available On YouTube

Guided Meditation

This is a list of 7 Guided Meditations available for free on YouTube.

The recommended guided meditations can help with anxiety, insomnia, fear, negative energy, manifestation, and healing. My meditation journey has had its fair share of ups and downs, but I have at long last reached a place where it is one of my most powerful tools of self-correction and emotional healing.

There is a lot of disruptive energy within our minds and bodies. The presence of this energy and the conflicting thoughts and emotions make meditation difficult.

As I was struggling with my own mental health, I started meditating but it just seemed like a waste of time and energy. At the time, I didn’t realise that my thoughts as well as my energy was so toxic that focus simply couldn’t be maintained without doing damage to my internal self.
I had to first resolve my issues before moving onto the recovery, healing, and strengthening as part of the journey.

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If you feel that meditation can really help you and you’re willing to make a true commitment to the process, then you may find these guided meditations extremely helpful. Sometimes, in order to focus, we simply need a little gentle guidance. Meditation is not a struggle.

In fact, it absolutely shouldn’t be a struggle. It is one of the most gentle ways to heal your mind, body, and soul. Start the process from a place of forgiveness, self-belief, and with an open mind and heart. Don’t force anything and don’t try to control!

Use any of the following guided meditations to take away the struggle and flow with the words of the guru-

1. 6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani

If you’ve invested time and energy in learning about the art of meditation, you must be familiar with the name Vishen Lakhiani. Famous for his 6 Phase Guided Meditation, he has added a great deal to the available knowledge and information on the subject.

He is truly a master worth learning from, and this meditation was the one that got me to focus and feel the healing for the first time.

The 6 Phase Guided Meditation is 21 minutes long which I think is an ideal length for any guided meditation. Any longer than that and we may find it difficult to commit due to the time restrictions in our schedules, any shorter than that and the mind may not feel the full benefit of it.

This meditation is my favourite because it combines the elements of Gratitude, forgiveness, visualisation, and prayer. It makes you dig deep and find all the compassion, love, kindness, forgiveness, and belief hiding in the deepest recesses of your heart.

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Do this meditation with an open mind and heart and I promise, you’ll truly FEEL the healing begin. There is no way you can do this meditation and not feel transformed. Perhaps, in the initial days, the effect won’t last for more than a few hours but as you continue doing the meditation, you’ll feel the healing reach every corner of your mind, body, and soul. It will have an impact so deep that you’ll notice a considerable increase in your personal and professional performance.

2. Blissful Deep Relaxation by The Honest Guys

(Guided Meditation for anxiety and sleeplessness)

It’s 18 minutes long, well-paced meditation. It’s one I prefer on bad days when I’ve been at my productive worst. My sleep always suffers when I fail to get through my tasks for the day. Instead of struggling for hours, I prefer to listen to this meditation.

It instantly puts me in a relaxed state with the sound of the waves and the gentle cadence of the speaker’s voice. All the meditations by The Honest Guys are worth trying, but this one is definitely my favourite. It’s one that has helped me maintain a strong balance in stressful situations. I recommend this meditation for people suffering from insomnia, stress, and anxiety.

3. Abundance Meditation by Bob Proctor

(Guided Meditation for abundance)

I have been watching Bob Proctor’s videos for over a year now, and I’ve yet to come across one that didn’t make sense or failed to reach me. The same goes for this meditation. It’s 20 minutes long. Everyone can do this meditation but it’s a good one for beginners. As the name suggests, it’s an abundance meditation that transports you to a place of abundance or releases the self-imposed restriction keeping you small. It’s an empowering meditation and a happy one. I always come out of the meditation with a smile on my face.

4. Energy clearing meditation by Christie Marie Sheldon

(Guided Meditation for chakra healing & clearing abundance blocks)

This is close to 16 minutes long and it’s completely focused on clearing your abundance blocks.  I really feel that we should devote a few minutes every week reviewing our belief system. Should there be anything cluttering our mental space causing doubts and restlessness, we should cleanse our energy and mental space.

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This meditation helps clear all abundance blocks with the focus on money blocks. This is a Mindvalley video with the guided meditation starting at 14:59. You can forward the video to the meditation session but if you’re interested in learning a little bit abound abundance blocks, you should see the whole thing.

5. Awakening Your Heart Center by Christie Marie Sheldon

Another really great meditation by Christie Marie Sheldon. She is definitely one of my favourites. It’s probably because she seems so happy in her interviews and I carry that image in my head which allows me to bring a better frame of mind to a session guided by one of her videos.

In this video, you fill your heart with love and light clearing all negative energy. It will add to your emotional balance and help you react with compassion and kindness in moments of stress and anger.

6. LET GO of Anxiety, Fear & Worries by PowerThoughts Meditation Club

(Guided Meditation for anxiety and fear)

This is a very interactive, dynamic meditation which is not to say that it isn’t soothing or calming. It is all of those things but the way the meditation progresses, it’s like taking a walk to a different world. This 22-minute long meditation is great for internal healing. It will help you let go of all that is holding you down. Release the weight of stress, anxiety, fear, and trauma with this meditation.

7. Creative Visualisation

I am always using the technique of creative visualisation for healing, manifestation, strength, and overcoming fear. Nothing works better than creative visualisation.

Please, learn as much as you can about the technique and integrate it into your daily life. It can help you achieve every goal and manifest abundance into your life.

I would recommend going through this video by Vishen Lakhiani. Nobody explains the concept better and if you want to meditate with the technique (I do!), play music in the background and simply channel the power of the technique.

There’s a lot of soothing music available on YouTube. Pick one that suits your needs the best.
There is one guided meditation with the technique of creative visualization. It’s a good one. I haven’t used it all that much because the technique is a little different from how I like it, but it is definitely worth a try.

I hope you find these recommendations helpful.
You can start with guided meditation but as you gain in experience, try to pin down what works for you and what doesn’t. If possible record affirmations in your own voice and plan a meditation around it. Once your focus is really solid, do your own routine that is most suitable for your unique needs. Good luck!

If you have any suggestions, do share in the comments below. Sign up for the newsletter as I plan on publishing a comprehensive guide on meditation and manifestation within the next week.

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