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Forget the conventional ideas of success and happiness because we’re going to live a life of value and create an impact that speaks to our place in the world. Create healthier relationships, a healthier lifestyle, a career that brings you true joy, and a life that satisfies you on every level. 

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Hi! I'm Krati Mehra.

A superhero nerd determined to save the world one human at a time and that’s not even my most ambitious goal ;)

I am a fierce feminist, a mental health advocate, a major mamma’s girl, and a human obsessed with the capabilities of our emotions. I believe that a truly happy life requires a soul that’s its own anchor, meaningful bonds that endure, a healthy body that thrives under stress, and a mind capable of defending itself. 

Travel and books have been my biggest teachers, and I get high on defiant truth telling. Let’s do this!

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What Is Your
Emotional Archetype?

Power or prison, what role do your emotions play in your life? Are you ruled by your emotions or are you the one in control? How emotionally intelligent are you? In difficult moments, can you carefully understand, manage, & use your emotions to overcome challenges? Find out with this quiz. 


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I'm Krati Mehra

Daughter, Mental Health Advocate, Emotional Empowerment Coach, Writer, Podcaster, & Milkshake Loving Superhero Nerd always down for the weirdest adventures. I’m glad you’re here. Now, let’s dive in!

What is Your Emotional Archetype?

Power or Prison, what role do your emotions play in your life? Do they add to your power or are  they the secret saboteur holding you back? Take the free quiz to find out.