Use your Brainwaves To Supercharge Your Meditation & Manifestation Efforts!

Brainwaves to succeed

I have often pushed my readers to understand how the mind works, and how its powers can be harnessed to create a better life. 

Moving onto the subject at hand, Brain Waves have such a profound impact on the effectiveness of our meditation and manifestation efforts, and a better understanding of how they function can truly be a game changer for everyone. Meditation need not be a frustrating experience or manifestation an impossible one. You can design a different experience to get the results you want.

My plan was to simply use the information to pick a better time to meditate, but this information can help with so many areas of life. I suggest that you explore the subject thoroughly and leverage the information in EVERY way you can. 

What are brain waves?

The Neurons in our brain ensure the successful completion of all activities by communicating with each other via the electrical pulses triggered by the slightest movement, thought, and emotion. The electrical energy in the brain can be read via the brain waves.

A graph depicting the brain waves can help us gauge the level of activity our brain is indulging in at any point in time. 

When we are relaxed, sleepy, or just lazing about, our brainwaves slow down. Higher frequency brainwaves can be seen in periods of extreme activity. 

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What are the types of brain waves?

There are 5 brain waves and each one is active depending on the state of activity we are engaged in!


Brain waves and corresponding bodily state and its implication -

Meditation and Manifestation are best done at a time when our mind is calm and focused. It helps us engage with all the positive energy in the universe and commune with the powers around us. This is the best time to express the desires we wish to manifest.

If we launch our affirmation into the universe with our mind completely focused on it, we are better able to channel the right kind of energy.

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So, let’s explore the different brain waves –

1. Beta (14-40Hz)

A completely engaged mind!

Beta waves are generated when we are actively engaged in a mental activity that requires all our attention like conversations, critical reasoning, decision making. Basically, Beta brainwave dominates when we are alert and completely engaged in cognitive tasks.

Beta can be further categorised based on our level of excitement/alertness. As we go about our day, it may gain in strength. A high-intensity beta wave is present during times of stress and anxiety. Those who suffer from anxiety are found to have Hi-beta dominating a large portion of their day.

2. Alpha (7.5-14Hz)

Mind in a state of relaxation!

After you finish a task, once you allow your mind to relax knowing that no mental exertion is required, your alpha brainwaves replace the beta waves.

Now, pay attention because alpha brainwave is the perfect accompaniment to meditation as it marks complete relaxation of our bodies. When we laze around with our mind drifting off into a daydream – it is a great time to meditate and practice some creative visualisation. This is the period when our imagination, focus, and visualisation is heightened. 

Your mind is on the very threshold of your subconscious while still maintaining awareness. 

3. Theta (3-7.5Hz)

The Subconscious mind!

It is present during REM sleep and when we are in a state of deep meditation. Our intuition is truly heightened during this time. The mind and body are completely in sync. It is the brief period of time as we wake from or slip into deep sleep. This is the space where all emotional memories are processed and stored. 

As opposed to beta wave, theta wave is marked by a lack of alertness and the subconscious mind is the active part of the brain. We can really connect to the universe at this time and experience a true sense of oneness with it through our established spiritual connection. 

It is a good time to manifest because anything you send out to the universe will definitely take hold. It is like having universe on the other end of a very clear and strong phone line. 

4. Delta (0.5-3Hz)

Mind in deep sleep!

The lowest frequency – it is the state of dreamless sleep or the sort of meditative place where you reach a state of complete detachment from your surroundings. 

Most of us meditate for 20-40 minutes, and can’t maintain the sort of focus required to reach the Delta frequency without falling asleep. 

Those who can tap into the mind when the Delta wave is dominant can completely change their reality. Your unconscious mind is accepting orders, and you can command it to make your life, character, and personality the way you’ve always wanted. It is the crucial time for healing to take place.

5. Gamma (>40Hz)

Mind at its most active!

Your mind is furiously and fiercely engaged in activities that demand it to function at its highest capacity. Several parts of the brain are busy processing information. There is a lot of mystery around Gamma waves because they are only seen in cases of elevated consciousness.

Now that you know about the 5 brain waves, what do these mean to us so far as mediation and manifestation efforts are concerned?

When brain waves are unstable or out of balance, mental and physical health can suffer. If our mental and physical strength is impaired, we won’t be able to engage in spiritual pursuits either. Yoga is recommended to help calm the mind and add to meditation.

The best time to manifest is either during or after meditation so, focus on enhancing your meditation efforts and it will automatically add to your manifestation efforts. 

This is how brain waves transition from one to the other- 

All day when we are working, we have the Beta wave operating at a high frequency, but as we unwind for bed, we are in low beta. Then, as we prepare to sleep, our brain waves switch to alpha. As our sleep deepens, we go from Alpha to Theta and finally to Delta. 

When our body and mind prepare to wake up from a deep sleep, the whole thing takes place in reverse order. We have lucid dreams when Delta brainwaves (dreamless sleep) reach high frequency and transition into the Theta brainwaves.

Then comes the REM sleep which eventually has the mind increasing its frequency going from Theta to Alpha and finally to Beta. 

As we wake up, Theta lowers to Delta. In order to go back to Theta, we can hit the snooze button and slip back into a somnolent state.

In this half-awakened state, one can indulge in creative visualisation or pore over their affirmations to manifest. Research suggests that this period can be conducive to creative insight and ideation of new projects.

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Hitting the snooze button isn’t exactly the healthiest of habits. Unless you can control the habit and set the alarm for 15 minutes early and get up when the alarm goes off next, this little activity stands to disrupt your entire morning routine – something, I would never be in favour of!

Here’s the alternative - 

1) In order to really channel the power of meditation and manifestation, you must do the related exercises at the time when you are somewhere between alpha and theta waves.

Putting this period to good use can truly alter your life for the better. 

If you are plagued by negative, draining thoughts, you can plant seeds of positive, confident thinking. Affirmations repeated during this time can be like magical mantras – little commands, the Universe is happy to receive. 

2) As you are lying on the bed in preparation for sleep, do your creative visualisation exercises. Go to sleep in a heightened state of positive emotions. If there is a particular kind of feeling you are chasing in your life, focus on that during this period. Feed your mind compelling images of the goals you are hoping to manifest.

If you want to ace the next exam, visualise yourself in the exam hall writing your paper. See yourself answering every question with confidence, and saturate your being with the feeling of triumph and deep certainty that the exam went really well. Engage all your senses. My post on Affirmations can really help with this.  

3) Keep going! As you engage in your manifestation exercises, simply keep going and you’ll eventually fall into deep sleep. Trust that the ideas, images have taken hold and they will manifest into reality.

Most importantly, try to combine manifestation with mediation. Meditation can calm your mind and turn it into a weapon that can supercharge your manifestation exercises by connecting them to the Universe.

Remember, when you manifest, you use the power of a focused mind. In order to that, your mind has to be calm and disengaged from all disturbing elements. 

There is so much more to be learned on the subject and I intend to continue with my research. If the article helps, let me know in the comments section and I’ll share another one on specific techniques that can help with this process. Share your questions and comments, if any. 

I hope the post helps. 

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2 Responses

  1. You can simply focus on creating a positive mental space. If there’s nothing to focus on, focus on your heartbeat, or the movements as you breathe in and out. You can create a happy vision in your head and focus on that. A lot of us wish to change something in our mental setup in which case, this is an ideal way to reprogram the subconscious. If that’s not how you want to use it, you can simply focus on find calm. If you want to help someone change their belief, try creating a script first. You need to know the belief that needs to be changed, the belief you want to plant into the subconscious, and maybe create a vision to go with it. This post might help –

  2. Thank you, it helped a lot.
    I have a question: when listening to binaural beats to reach a theta state, we are supposed to focus on what we desire. What if we are not sure what is the problem. Or we are not sure exactly what we want or desire. Or even we are not aware of the problem or the behavior or the beliefs we saouls change.
    And what if I would like to help someone while he listens to binaural beats to get into a theta state to help him to change a belief or to release stress.
    Thank you

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