Creating Empowerment For ALL Genders and Lessons From A Business Rebrand


Journey so far

If you’ve been following my podcast journey from the very start, you know that the podcast has had a few identities now. It started as Beyond The Goals, became exclusively female focused and was rebranded as, On Her Terms and has now undergone another rebrand.

So in total, if anybody is counting, there have been 2 rebrands and now I am really hoping that I never have to rebrand again because it’s a long, exhausting, process but thankfully, it’s done and I am very satisfied with the result, and I really that hope you will be too.

If you really are an old listener, I do want to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your time with me and for allowing my content, mental space.

Thank you so much for tuning in and if you’re a new listener, I hope you’ll be a steady companion in the journey forward and I hope you won’t just listen to the show but also engage with me and be a part of my community. Thank you.

Explaining Experible

Why did I choose the name, Experible?

Mostly for practical reasons 🙈 

There are millions of podcasts in the world making it very difficult to come up with a unique name so the first consideration that led to this name, Experible, was very practical and done to avoid any future trademark conflicts.

Now, Experible is not a real word. It’s a portmanteau, one that I created by combining EXPERIENCE and POSSIBILITY which is what the show is all about.

As my guests and I share our struggles, triumphs, and our tools and methods of overcoming challenges along the way and what we’ve found on reaching the finish line, at least for the span of each episode, you will be able to see on your mental screen, all the possibilities that your life offers if you just stop limiting yourself. That’s the main goal. It’s to empower you and help you in whatever way I can.

we will dig into anything and everything that can help us be more, do more, love more, work more, adventure more and that can only happen if we can unlock all of our resources be it health, emotions, spirituality so we’ll dig into all of that.

Venturing into new territories

I will also be having conversations around how the social dynamics are shifting and what that means for us going forward and how it’s impacting us and the people we love – this is something that I have always steered clear of because conversations like that always become controversial and I am not interested in provoking conflict.

As we focus on our growth and progress, some of these potentially controversial subjects need to be discussed and dealt with so they don’t, sometimes without our realising, don’t negatively impact us or send us down paths that we would later regret.

I will also share articles that will discuss such topics and whenever you disagree or want to go deeper into it with me, use the comments section or my email or DM me on Instagram.

an Important Shift in focus

But the podcast is not the only thing that has undergone a change. My work (content and coaching) is no longer exclusively female focused. 

My coaching and really all of my offerings are now open to men as well.

There may sometimes be discussions that are specifically for men or women because sometimes a topic would warrant that but otherwise, I am a coach, podcaster, and writer for men AND women.

Now, why did this happen?

The reason I became a coach for women was because-

  1. I had great success helping women during my volunteer days. I worked with a lot of female entrepreneurs and women who were struggling with their identity and emotions  so it was not much of a leap for me to choose that as my point of focus.
  2. I also grew up around women who were very lacking in self-confidence, women who constantly dismissed themselves and never really had an independent identity that was all their own. I also saw women be unhappy but do nothing about it like their happiness just didn’t matter all that much as long as their family was thriving. They also let the people in their life, especially, the men get aways with a lot. There were occasions when what they were subjected to what qualified as abuse but they never recognised it as such and that more than anything else, to this day, feels to me like the most fucked up part of it all.

I was determined to help women have a different story. So, I abandoned everything else and fully dedicated myself to this path. Over the past couple of years, I have derived immense satisfaction out of every little thing that has contributed to a woman’s empowerment.

So, basically that was the intention, with the coaching work, especially. The goal was to empower women.

But, in case you haven’t noticed, the conversation is shifting, the world is changing, women are changing but sometimes not for the better.

women and entitlement

There is a certain degree of entitlement that seems to have seeped into the entire female empowerment narrative with certain ideas being promoted that I don’t think ultimately serve women at all.

If you focus on the messaging shared by a lot of the agencies and brands that advocate for women, the message, on the surface of it, is all about women deserving more but it ultimately makes women out to be the weaker gender. They give out this message that women deserve certain things in life just because they are women which is absurd. 

Women don’t need any special treatment, they just need the same opportunities and freedom extended to them that men take for granted.

When we have women like Malala and Nadia Murad in today’s society, and women like Rosa Parks, Indira Gandhi, Ayn Rand, Rani Lakshmi bai, who by the way, existed at a time when gender equality or really any equality at all, was not a norm. They were actively fed ideas that didn’t support any kind of assertiveness or independent thinking. Despite that, they lived their lives on their own terms and they did it openly.

They created the kind of change that the world needed. Change that has served the generations that have followed and will serve more generations to come so then surely, women with our freedoms and privileges can do what we want to do without constantly feeling the need for something extra, or in the event that things don’t work out, for the blame to be assigned to someone else.

So this narrative that’s doing the rounds, it sounds a lot like entitlement and it also seems to blame men for whatever is wrong in a woman’s world which may not be entirely untrue but you have to acknowledge that the entire gender is not the problem. There are problematic men just as there are problematic women. 

Men also deserve to be fought for

There is very little conversation around the help men need. Men have also suffered because of the patriarchy. They too need help and I think, it’s harder for them because they don’t even know how to ask for it. They too are lonely and need support and understanding.

While we are advocating for women to be whoever they want to be, everything men do or don’t do gets scrutinised and judged and always to their detriment. Unless a man fits a woman’s mental template of the ‘ideal guy’, ‘good guy’, women label men in ways which are unpleasant and sometimes massively inappropriate .

Is it harder to be a woman in this world? For sure!

Even privileged women have concerns and fears that the society forces on us and these are concerns and fear that will probably never come up for a man.

We still get our qualification questioned in male dominated field. The wage gap is still a very real issue. Dressing up for a late night event is impossibly hard if you are rolling solo, for obvious reasons, traveling in public transport can be a nightmare,  and planning a solo trip takes forever because we have to consider situations that no man will ever have to plan for so yeah, it’s harder to be a woman but what I’m realising is that being a man is no picnic either.

So, my work will continue to be focused on empowerment of both men and women. 

We must remember that when we focus more on assigning blame and less on coming up with a viable solution, we don’t just hurt the person at the receiving end of that blame but our own cause as well because with a few simple words, we give away our power and we make someone else the arbiter of our destiny. Let’s not do that.

Lessons from the rebrand

If you want to be rewarded, you have to be irreplaceable. If you want to be irreplaceable, you have to be unique. If you want to be unique, you have to be authentic. If you want to be authentic, stop listening to everyone and everything else.

I have finally reached a place of certainty where my business is concerned. 

I believe it has a lot to do with the fact that I am really leaning into my authenticity and showing up exactly as I am – no distortion whatsoever, which takes a lot of confidence, self-belief, and also ownership of everything I am putting on the table.

When I show up authentically and make choices that speak to my individuality and my unique perspective, always pays off. It’s always the right choice and I don’t mean just from a profit perspective – that’s part of it but mostly, I think, such choices strengthen and contribute to the structure I am building

The choice that allows you to show up as you are, representing yourself FULLY, authentically is the right choice.

It’s already paying off for me in the form of opportunities that are perfect for me and that have come my way very naturally and with no struggle. 

Also, the process of constantly checking in with myself as to what FEELS good, which choice has good energy around it, and which choice really, truly speaks to who I am as not only a business owner but also as a person has been truly lovely. 

Sometimes, it’s hard and makes me want to flip a coin and get the whole thing over with but I have resisted that impulse. I take my time with such decisions.

I go deep into how I want to play things, explore my options – that’s my starting point. Then comes the expert opinions followed by emotional check-in, check in with my gut, what choice has better energy around it, and which one really represents me. 

The people who have the ability to fail in public under their own name actually gain a lot of power.

This is what I really, really want and by that I don’t just mean running the business under my own name but owning every decision I make.

Every decision is mine – fail or succeed – it’s all me. The decisions I’ve made in the past few months, I don’t yet know whether they were the right ones or not for the business but they were MY decisions. There is 100% accountability here, 100% learning, however it goes.

There’s power in this kind of ownership. There’s growth and there’s maturity as well. No decision is taken based on what others, no matter who those people are or how far ahead of me they are in the game, the end decision is always what feels right to ME – intellectually, instinctively, energetically, and emotionally. 

I hope the lessons that I have learned so far help you as well.

Shownotes -

1:11 The rebrand journey and how the show is different now

4:47 Why I chose the name ‘Experible’ and what does it mean

6:04 Why I have opened up my content and coaching to men as well

16:00 The entitlement seeping into the female empowerment narrative

18:18 Empowerment for all

22:21 The key lesson that is driving my business decisions now

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