Embracing Your Inner Guidance: Insights from Tanya Cole-Lesnick on Navigating Energetic Clutter & Limiting beliefs

Tanya Cole-Lesnick, a psychotherapist turned personal development coach, talks about navigating through energetic clutter, confronting limiting beliefs, and the impact of social media trends and cultural and childhood conditioning on our self-image and personal growth. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE CONVERSATION OR YOU CAN READ THE SUMMARY BELOW- APPLE PODCASTS SPOTIFY Energetic Clutter: A Definition […]

Dr. Cassidy Preston’s Guide to Conquering Life’s Toughest Battles

Boxing gloves

When I interviewed Dr. Preston, a mental performance coach for professional athletes and high-performers, for my podcast, we explored various facets of personal growth, from overcoming adversity to achieving peak performance. This blog post captures the essence of their discussion, offering valuable insights for anyone seeking to transform their life and mindset. YOU CAN LISTEN […]

Sexual Confidence 101 with Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn (Q&A)

Sexual Confidence 101 with Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn

In an enlightening conversation with Dr. Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, a sex and relationship coach, tenured professor at California State University Fullerton, speaker, and podcast host, we delve into the depths of sexual empowerment, body neutrality, and the power of self-advocacy in intimate relationships. Dr. Tara, known for her role as a TV sexpert on the UK’s […]

9 Steps To Cultivating Self-Discipline So You Can Achieve All Your Goals

Transformative Self-Discipline

TUNE IN TO THE EPISODE: APPLE PODCASTS SPOTIFY Cultivating enduring self-discipline can be transformative. It’s the key to achieving goals without burning out or creating the emotional stress that usually accompanies all important missions in life. It can also help you shift and improve your character and completely change how you show up in the […]

Find Your Anchor, Stay Grounded and Confident in Uncertainty

Picture of an Anchor

TUNE IN TO THE EPISODE: APPLE PODCASTS SPOTIFY In the latest episode of Experible, we discuss the importance of finding an anchor in life and how to ground oneself amidst chaos and turmoil. We discuss the importance of building a strong sense of self that goes beyond our accolades, accomplishments, money, and social validation. It […]

10 must-watch Ted Talks filled with life-altering wisdom

Ted Talk

10 Best Ted-Talks with the potential to change our lives Ted Talks are like little miracles bringing about wonderful changes in the lives of its listeners with very little effort. They are only 15-20 minutes long so it doesn’t matter how busy your schedule is, we can all make time for at least one Ted […]

The Ultimate Guide to a Daily System for Higher Productivity

Daily System

A Daily System to master discipline and focus A survey sent out to my readers in January revealed that a large majority of them struggle with focus and discipline. Maintaining high productivity, sustaining long periods of focused work, and accomplishing daily goals is a challenge for a lot of us. While I have no magical […]

50 Inspirational quotes from those with inspiring success

Inspirational Quotes

In moments of doubt, quotes from people we admire, respect, and trust can give us hope and the motivation to keep going. Here is a list of 50 quotes from people who managed to succeed despite great obstacles. These quotes will fill you with the determination to build a life of value, and realise the […]