Badass women and the one life-lesson that built them

Powerful Women Dancing

This post shares life-lesson credited with the success of some of the most inspiring women in the world. A Y chromosome is no longer a necessity for an individual to be a force of power in any area of life. We no longer have to reach for our comics or movies to enjoy a badass […]

9 Steps To Start 2022 Happy And Stress-Free

A better new year

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year. Ralph Waldo Emerson Tweet Start the new year happy and stress-free- Are you all wide-eyed and dazed staring at the calendar with disbelief, stressing out about everything you were supposed to do this year!? Is the tale of 2021 one […]

How to overcome failure and keep fighting

Keep moving forward

Ultimately, we all have to decide for ourselves what constitutes failure […] a mere seven years after my graduation day, I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless. […]

The two elements essential to a life of success and growth

Successful life

When it comes to building a successful life, before everything else, we must consider our existing personal assets and evaluate our strategies. A successful life isn’t about talent or abilities nor does it depend on any external forces. It’s about charting a clear course of action, structuring our daily lives around our goals, and believing […]

7 ways a morning routine can transform your life

Morning Routine

Time is what we want most and what we use worst. – William Penn Tweet Have you ever tried to account for your day by the second? Do you ever stop to think just how many hours out of the 24 in a day, you spend doing something productive? How many of these hours, minutes, […]

How to end unhealthy attachments?

Sad girl healthy in mind

Whenever we decide to make a healthy change in our lives, the struggle that ensues has its root in an unhealthy attachment.A few years ago, I developed a crippling dependence on pain pills. It was absolutely the most terrifying time of my life, and I don’t know about other addicts but I was fully aware […]

5 Ridiculously Easy Diet Changes With Multiple Benefits!

Healthy Diet

I am not a fan of diets or any kind of extreme measure where my body is concerned. If you want a healthy body and mind, you have to make a firm commitment to a healthier lifestyle. There has to be a fundamental change in how we live our life. Mindless indulgence has to be […]

Why You Should Exercise Even On Vacation

Healthy Vacation

This post comes from the gorgeous island of the gods, Bali. I have always defined myself as a traveller, not a tourist. The moment I reach a new country, I am off exploring. By the time I leave, the very essence of the local culture is absorbed into my soul. The sights and smells saturate […]

15 Life Lessons I Have Learned From Experience & Experts

Life Lessons

This is the blog’s first post in 2019 and so, I wanted it to be full of good advice, straight from the heart and intensely focused on helping my readers one way or another. So, I ended up writing about the lessons I have learned from experience and experts. It’s life advice I have received […]