7 ways a morning routine can transform your life

Morning Routine

Time is what we want most and what we use worst. – William Penn Tweet Have you ever tried to account for your day by the second? Do you ever stop to think just how many hours out of the 24 in a day, you spend doing something productive? How many of these hours, minutes, […]

How to end unhealthy attachments?

Sad girl healthy in mind

Whenever we decide to make a healthy change in our lives, the struggle that ensues has its root in an unhealthy attachment. A few years ago, I developed a crippling dependence on pain pills. It was absolutely the most terrifying time of my life, and I don’t know about other addicts but I was fully […]

5 Ridiculously Easy Diet Changes With Multiple Benefits!

Healthy Diet

I am not a fan of diets or any kind of extreme measure where my body is concerned. If you want a healthy body and mind, you have to make a firm commitment to a healthier lifestyle. There has to be a fundamental change in how we live our life. Mindless indulgence has to be […]

Why You Should Exercise Even On Vacation

Healthy Vacation

This post comes from the gorgeous island of the gods, Bali. I have always defined myself as a traveller, not a tourist. The moment I reach a new country, I am off exploring. By the time I leave, the very essence of the local culture is absorbed into my soul. The sights and smells saturate […]

15 Life Lessons I Have Learned From Experience & Experts

Life Lessons

This is the blog’s first post in 2019 and so, I wanted it to be full of good advice, straight from the heart and intensely focused on helping my readers one way or another. So, I ended up writing about the lessons I have learned from experience and experts. It’s life advice I have received […]

Must-Read Books To Turn Your New Year Into A Fresh Start

Fresh Start Books

Monday is my favourite day of the week and January, my favourite month. It’s perhaps my love for fresh starts, and the first day of the week and the first month of the year definitely feel like one. It’s like we get a clean slate. All past mistakes forgiven and transgressions forgotten. At the same […]

Lessons For Success From Napoleon Hill’s book, Think And Grow Rich

Think and grow rich

Celebrated as one of the best self-help book ever written, Think And Grow Rich has a lot to teach its readers. I have read the book thrice; it is one you go back to whenever you find yourself in danger of forgetting its invaluable lessons. In order to write this post, I read it again […]

5 Steps To Rapid Personal Growth

Rapid personal growth

When we set out on the path to personal growth, we don’t just have to cultivate new, healthy habits, we’ve to take apart all the old, dysfunctional patterns of behaviour. The old structure has to be ripped apart to install the new, better one strong enough to withstand any and all vicissitudes. The following 5 […]

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