10 Steps To Being An Empowered Single Woman

Strong Single Women

No woman is complete without a man by her side. World’s most ridiculous, but widely accepted lie! Tweet The story is as old as time itself. Unless a woman has a man in her life, she couldn’t possibly be happy. And god forbid, you should be single in your 30s!! I mean, the horror! Don’t […]

5 Signs that you need to slow down!

Exhausted Body and mind

This post is coming after a long hiatus. I took a break from everything! I was on vacation for over two weeks. Originally, the plan was to get down to some serious hard-work immediately after the vacation. Unfortunately, I came down with a persistent fever and body ache that kept coming back. The weekend before […]

Speak your Mind! Expression over Repression!


Expression over Repression Wars have been fought in the name of freedom. People have sacrificed life and limb for what they believed in, been buried in unmarked graves- abandoned and isolated because they stood up for their convictions. Forgive the drama, but I find the subject important enough to merit the dramatic and gloomy emphasis. […]

Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming More Self-Aware


Self-Awareness is an essential tool for self-growth. It is the very foundation of a self-confident individual, in complete control of his life. Learn about developing better self-awareness and harnessing its power.