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Mini Course

Conscious Courage

It is time to get off the sidelines, push aside the fear, and actively and consistently take action on your ambitions.

Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage
to follow it to the dark places where it leads.


Just for a few minutes, forget your current reality. Pull out your most loved dream, and let your imagination run.

Mentally, step into this dream. Visualise the life you’ll have if the dream comes true.

Engage all your senses. See the YOU that will emerge if you successfully accomplish all your goals. Feel the shift in your energy. Let your mind and body lock into a different gear.

Revel in the possibilities!

Now, ask yourself -

What’s holding me back from taking action on this dream?

What part of it feels most intimidating?

Why am I denying myself the possibilities on offer?

If this dream never comes true, will I survive the heartache?

Lastly and most importantly, if it doesn’t come true because I didn’t do my part, didn’t throw myself heart and soul into doing the work that needed to be done, will I be able to forgive myself for it?

How a fight ends is not in your hands but how you act when you find yourself facing a challenge, that’s all upto you.

Failing because the odds were stacked against you, there’s honour in that but failing because you could never gather the courage to even fight, that will crush you.

As I said, it is time to get off the sidelines.

Before you worry about the outcome, you’ve got to play your heart out, and if you are scared of the dark places, Conscious Courage can help.

Dreams are like portals into possibilities, our pathway to a better, bigger life but to walk this path, you need courage, conviction, and an inner resilience that helps you persist in the face of great obstacles. Fortunately, these are qualities that you can cultivate.

So, if you struggle with









Conscious Courage

is for you

Enroll in this course to learn how you can effectively manage old fears and insecurities, build a winner’s mindset, and become someone worthy of your most ambitious dreams.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

When Self-Doubt Comes Knocking

In this module, we cover information that’s foundational to understanding and intelligently responding to fear and self-doubt. We discuss the shifts that happen within when self-doubt sneaks in and how to identify healthy vs unhealthy self-doubt. The module also covers ego management which can be key to dispelling fear of uncertainty.

Module 01
Module 02

Get Your Mindset Right

As we all know, mindset is key when it comes to successfully navigating the challenges of life, personal or professional, which is why it’s imperative that BEFORE we take on a new project, we get our mindset right. This module shares an exercise that will help you establish clarity around your motivations, desires, and all the possibilities that may play out as you venture into unknown territories. Build a mindset that keeps you strong no matter the obstacles along the way.

The Real Deal

Self-doubt can cause a lot of destruction IF it finds fertile ground to take root in. The self-doubt we encounter, as we take on new challenges, latches onto old insecurities and fears so, as part of this module, we discuss how to shed old narratives and dysfunction. We cover 3 powerful tools that can help you BECOME everything your goals need you to be and cultivate the assets that can help you sustain progress.

Module 03
Module 04

onto Execution

Learning is pointless if it’s not effectively executed so as part of the last module, I cover how to take all that we have learned in this course and put it into a system that’s easy to follow.



Along with the course, you get a comprehensive 40-page workbook with exercises and questions designed to help you make the best of your learning.

As part of each module, we discuss one healthy habit that will amplify the good that you already have in your life and the strengths that you’re trying to cultivate. These habits will help you manage your emotions and be less responsive to external negativity.

After completing the course, you have the option of booking a FREE 1-1 coaching session. As part of this session, we can go over any lingering struggles that the course may not have resolved. You can also use the session to build on what you’ve learned here, your next steps, or to discuss ongoing projects in your life. All I ask is that you bring high energy and clarity around what you want covered during the session.


It's not a cost,
It's an investment.

full lifetime access

$ 127

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We understand the importance of feeling assured in your investments, especially when it comes to personal development. That’s why we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you complete the course and find that you haven’t experienced any positive changes, or if you’re still struggling to overcome the challenges we address, we’ll refund your course fee in full. We’re here to support your journey.

Your Instructor,
Krati Mehra

You have big dreams and ambitions but self-doubt, fear of the unknown, and imposter syndrome has you stuck. Your inner power is buried under layers of dysfunctional beliefs and a strong sense of inadequacy.  


I have been in that place of uncertainty where everything overwhelms you and the external negativity is a lot louder than that inner voice of belief. For years, I let others label me in ways that shamed and disempowered everything that was unique about me; I let fear of judgement guide my choices. The constant emotional chaos pushed me into depression, anxiety, a dependence on drugs, and dangerous mental episodes.

It took me a long time to become the woman that I am today. I have done the work and now, I am sharing my experiences and learnings so that your struggle doesn’t go on as long as mine did. 

Let me help you build a path to your dreams, a path that you will walk awake to your power and capabilities. I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

– Krati

Once you're done with the course, you'll have...


Clarity that eliminates indecision​


The ability to dismantle your self-doubt as soon as it shows up​


The confidence to bet on yourself and your dreams​


An abundant, goal-supportive  mindset


A powerful personal identity


The tools to maintain focus and persist during difficult periods

I will make you believe in yourself long enough for you to make that leap and watch a whole new life and self unfold.

Terms & Conditions for the course refund:

Please note that the refund request must be made within the 30-day period from your purchase date. After day 30, all payments become non-refundable, and you are responsible for the full payment of the fees for the program, regardless of completion status.

Should you decide to request a refund, please contact our support team at support@kratimehra.com within the 30-day period. Include your full name, date of purchase, and your reason for seeking a refund.

As part of your refund request, you must return the 40-page workbook provided as part of the course materials. The workbook should be completed according to the instructions, demonstrating your engagement with the course content.

The complimentary 1-1 coaching session is available only after the 30-day period from your purchase date. This ensures that you have ample time to engage with the course material before applying these insights in a personalized coaching session.

Upon receiving your refund request, our team will process it within 7-10 business days. The acceptance of your refund will revoke your access to the course materials and constitutes a full and final settlement of your course fees.