Creative Visualization- Intent, Benefits, and Technique

Creative visualisation

A lot of people have been asking me about manifestation and meditation and the techniques I prefer.

Creative Visualiszation happens to be my favorite.

Creative Visualisation Pin

I started meditating over 3 years ago, but it didn’t really work for me till I discovered the creative visualization technique.

This technique helped me focus and I think, it also allowed me to BELIEVE I could really meditate, and we all know that it’s all about the mindset.

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Since then, I’ve learned about various other techniques and channeled them all to enrich my experience with not just meditation but manifestation as well.

So, what really is creative visualization?

It’s a technique wherein you create the reality you want in your mind and for a span of a few minutes, you live that reality with every sense at your disposal.

Basically, it’s like daydreaming but it has a great deal of intent behind it.

It involves the use of your imagination to create a scene in your head depicting the life of your dreams and you hold onto that mental vision until you feel the associated emotion coursing through your body.

What are the benefits?

Creative visualization is widely used to help people suffering from anxiety and other emotional and mental issues.

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It helps associate positive emotions with something that originally caused debilitating anxiety.

It can help heal past wounds and traumas. If you perform badly in an interview, there is a good chance that the next interview is going to make you more nervous than ever.

In such scenarios, you can recreate the previously embarrassing interview in your head and simply change the ending. Instead of wrecking the interview, see yourself acing it. Visualize the interview being a resounding success and the interviewer being beyond impressed with you.

This is how creative visualization can help you heal.

It can help you alter your mindset. As you visualize specific scenarios in your head, you play them out to your satisfaction.

If you think you can’t lose weight, see yourself as being in the prime of health with a body that makes you happy. Over time, this can help you remove all your mental blocks.

It is INSANELY helpful for those of you who want to manifest!

We’ll discuss it further as we go into the technique.

So, what can this technique be used for?

Creative visualization can be used for –



Emotional Healing

Confidence Issues

Health improvement

I am sure that there are a ton of other benefits that I am not aware of!

How do we practice Creative Visualization?

There are different ways of going about it. Some people like to do it anytime they are in a good mood, while others like to do it during moments of stress as it helps them calm down.

I do it twice a day – first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Here’s the reason why –

During my morning walk, I practice my gratitude and breathing exercises. By the time I am done, my mind is in a very calm space. Then, I meditate and after 10-20 minutes of solid nothingness, I practice creative visualization.

My mind is at its most calm and I am able to slip into my vision without any issue.

(Till a few months back, meditation meant creative visualization for me as it was the only technique that really helped me focus, but now that I am better with meditation, I do it in addition to my usual meditation.)

In the morning, my vision is clear and I am able to really engage with it.

At night, when I am comfortable in bed and somewhat drowsy, I like to do the exercise. Right at the edge of sleep, when my brain is in the alpha state, I like to slip into the technique.

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During this time, your subconscious is more active than your conscious. Whatever you think about at this time gets embedded into the subconscious, and we all know that our subconscious is constantly acting behind the scenes, either sabotaging or boosting our activities.

When something gets embedded in your subconscious, it assumes immense power and generates a lot of feeling which means it goes straight into the universe.

The feeling is king when it comes to manifestation which is why it is best to practice creative visualization in the morning and at night.

The goal is to not just visualize but do it with feeling!!


If you know anything about manifestation, you should already be aware that it cannot be done without feeling.

You must feel as if you already have what you’re asking for.

The same goes for meditation. It isn’t just about emptying your mind. There is no need to struggle with control. Just let go and let the feelings course in. Don’t try to control anything.

Now for the actual technique -

Know why you want to do this. Some of you may be trying to heal a past trauma. Others may be trying to manifest something or deal with their anxiety. So, really know why you’re doing this.

Pick a scenario

Choose the right environment.

Make sure there are no distractions. No cell phones.

Close your eyes

Take several deep breaths. Do it till you feel absolutely and completely calm.

Create the scene in your head.

Let me walk you through an example –

If you want to own a certain house. Picture that house in your head. Now, see yourself walking around in that house. Notice how beautiful your house is, the colors and the light. It’s exactly as you always wanted it to be.


Your eyes should remain closed. All of this is playing in your head.

Touch something – the furniture, curtains, door knobs. FEEL the texture of a desk in the house, the cold metal of the knob, or the softness of the curtain fabric.

In your vision, you’re using your hands to touch the bits and pieces of the house.


Feel like you’re actually touching things in the house.

Now, hear the sounds in your house. Maybe it’s the doorbell or the wind chimes or the clatter of your heels on the marble flooring. Really hear the sound in your head!


What does your house smell like? Does it smell of your favorite flowers or freshly polished wood?


Now, maybe you are cooking something in the kitchen. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee and it tastes perfect!


The idea is to engage every single sense you have and really FEEL the associated emotion.

Now, as all your senses are fully engaged, focus on the feeling of happiness, accomplishment, pride – however you think you’ll feel as and when you own that dream house!
This is the most important part. Let the emotions move through your body. It should feel as real as the rest of you. You really do have that house. The biggest dream you had is now your reality!

This is just an example. Your vision could be about anything.

All you need to do is create a scenario that depicts your vision. Then, as you visualize it with a calm mind, engage all of your senses. Feel the emotions you would associate with the successful achievement of the said dream. That’s it!

I promise you, if you do this every day, your mindset will start to change. You will feel things realigning themselves to accommodate your vision. There will be “coincidences” that will help you towards your goal.

Even if you don’t believe in the powers of the Universe, you can use this exercise to heal. If you have emotional issues, you will greatly benefit from this exercise.

Remember, it all comes down to our mindset, be it the achievement of our highest goals or an important change in our lifestyle. It can all be done with the right mental setup.

Creative Visualization can take you towards a better, healthier, more goal-oriented mental and emotional setup.

If I missed something or if the steps aren’t clear enough, let me know in the comments section. Subscribe to the newsletter if you would like to receive my free guide to my entire process of meditation and manifestation.

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7 Responses

  1. If you’re doing it for anxiety, you may want to keep doing it till you find relief and then do it intermittently. If you’re simply using it to meditate, you can keep changing it as and when you feel like it. Good Luck 🙂

  2. Just a question… how often and long one has to keep doing the creative visualization for a particular manifestatuon ?

    1. Hey Makarand! Creative visualization helps your brain into accepting a new, better reality and once that happens, you’ll be able to spot opportunities, come up with ideas to get what you want. For me, it started working within a few days so, just stick to it for a week and you should start seeing results. Good Luck!

    1. I am glad you enjoyed the article. Visualization can be a very strong tool – it can help with manifestation and also to tap into the powers of our subconscious. Let me know if you need any further help!

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