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Experience the Possibilities with Experible

A podcast that challenges you to consider new perspectives, adopt new attitudes, explore unfamiliar ideas and finally, live a life that is not defined by old fears or dysfunctional narratives.

A podcast that, with its guest interviews and solo episodes, dives deep into what’s truly possible when we remove the barriers of fear and self-doubt. If our character shapes our destiny, how we can hone our individuality into something aware, independent, & effective. The role faith plays in designing a truly successful life and so much more. 

The interview episodes share the stories and struggles of experts with strong convictions.

In the solo episodes, we discuss concepts relevant to developing a strong character, a healthy mindset, and the emotional weaponry that allows you to live by design and even on bad days, love what you see in the mirror.

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Hi! I'm Krati Mehra.

A superhero nerd determined to save the world one human at a time and that’s not even my most ambitious goal ;) I am an empowerment coach, a major mamma’s girl, and a human obsessed with showing the world what a truly determined human can do.

I truly believe that the world changes for the better when even one person decide to be bold and play big and each episode of Experible can help us do that, one step at a time.

Travel and books have been my biggest teachers, and I get high on defiant truth telling. Let’s do this!

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