Exploring Trauma And How It Impacts Our Life With Ilene Smith

Ilene Smith


A lot of us categorise Trauma as something violent that we’ve either been a victim of or a witness to, but actually Trauma refers to any experience or event that overwhelms our senses, disrupts our internal and external balance making it difficult for us to cope, or have a healthy sense of self. We may be carrying trauma without being consciously aware of it because either we’ve suppressed it, or we have dismissed it as unimportant and irrelevant; we’re going to understand how that can happen, and how it may derails our life in today’s episode.

Our guest, Ilene Smith is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner with 3 years of training in the field. She is a Certified Professional Coach and holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and as well as Exercise Physiology. When I chose the topic of trauma, I decided to invite Ilene on the show so that I can introduce to you a different form of therapy that can be just as helpful in resolving trauma. Somatic therapy focuses on the body instead of the mind, and Ilene helps us understand how it works, what a session with her looks like, and why this form of therapy may be the way to go for someone with trauma. 

Trauma healing provides the foundation to Ilene’s work and she helps clients resolve trauma symptoms and relieve chronic stress and pain in the body. Integrating several modalities into her practice including talking, touch work and movement, Ilene is able to support the body tissue memory and nervous system to create synergy between the body and mind. She has developed techniques and methods to safely bring clients from trauma states back into a new and empowered state, allowing them to cultivate a healthier sense of self.

We’re gonna learn more about all of this in today’s episode, so let’s dive in!

Listen to the episode below-

This episode discusses topics like-

  • How unresolved trauma negatively impacts our life

  • What actually qualifies as trauma?

  • Acute trauma vs Complex PTSD

  • Signs of trauma,  and how to assess yourself for unresolved trauma

  • Exploring your trauma on your own in a safe way

  • What does a session with Ilene Look like

  • How Somatic Therapy  differs from Talk therapy,  and how it can be a safer way of exploring trauma

  • Can you explore trauma without disrupting your life

  • How to be more aware of your narrative and the experiences that we internalise.

  • Defence mechanism for when we feel unsafe or triggered, and the best way to integrate them into daily life

  • How clearing emotional issues may lead to physical relief as well

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