Janet Bayramyan: How Trauma Shapes Our Stories & Choices + Tools of Recovery

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In this episode, we dive deep into the heart of trauma, its profound impact on our lives, and the transformative power of therapy.

Janet Bayramyan, a licensed clinical social worker and a certified EMDR, and brainspotting psychotherapist explains a range of therapeutic approaches. We discuss how these therapies work not just to heal but to fundamentally change how we process our past experiences, the nuanced ways in which trauma can manipulate our choices, and recognizing and managing trauma.

Join us as we uncover how to control over our narratives and move towards a more empowered and self-aware future.

About the guest-

Janet Bayramyan is a seasoned Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with licenses across multiple states including California, Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Connecticut, and North Carolina. With over eight years of experience as a trauma therapist, Janet has worked extensively with diverse client groups, ranging from individuals grappling with trauma and addictions to couples navigating relationship challenges, and individuals undergoing significant life transitions. 

A certified EMDR and Brainspotting psychotherapist, Janet specializes in trauma resolution and healing. She is also trained in Attachment Focused EMDR, the Havening Techniques, and Internal Family Systems (IFS) Level 1, employing these methodologies to help clients understand and process how trauma has affected their bodies and nervous systems, and to restore their sense of safety and calm.

Janet holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Southern California and completed her Bachelor’s degree at California State University, Northridge.

In her private practice based in Encino, CA, Janet offers in-person sessions for individuals and couples, as well as virtual consultations for residents of CA, FL, SC, TX, CT, and NC.

Shownotes -

00:00:00 – Episode and guest introduction

00:01:32 – Therapeutic modalities: Brain Spotting, Havening Technique, & EMDR.

00:13:50 – Necessity of resolving past trauma

00:16:40 – How our beliefs impact our well-being & choices

00:18:45 – Role of social connections & support systems in healing.

00:21:45 – Navigating the balance between solitude & social interaction.

00:27:25 – Healing vs endurance vs resilience

00:33:40 – Effective mindsets for therapy & the risks of over-reliance

00:37:10 – Limitations of therapy.

00:39:30 – How trauma alters the nervous system.

00:42:00 – Safety and considerations in self-identifying trauma

00:43:50 – Effect of trauma on self-perception & personal narrative

00:54:10 – Cultural and societal impacts on mental health + intergenerational trauma

01:01:40 – Links between unresolved emotions, violence, & societal unrest

01:06:40 – Personal qualities that foster resilience

01:08:40 -What trauma recovery feels like

01:14:00 – Janet’s personal wellness practices

01:15:30 – How to connect with Janet

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