How To Channel Law Of Attraction As A Busy Professional?

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Law of attraction requires you to stay in a state of high vibration and positivity which can be very difficult. This post is meant to answer one question-

How to keep your vibe up and channel the law of attraction in the middle of a busy day designed to drive you nuts?

How To Channel Law Of Attraction As A Busy Professional Pin

Like a lot of other people, I have read The Secret cover to cover more than once, and most of it makes sense to me.

The concept of law of attraction seems easy enough. All you have to do is maintain positivity, and keep your vibe up throughout the day. Except, it is not that simple.

We all have busy lives. Each day brings its own set of troubles and the challenge is to keep our vibe up in the midst of all that.

How can you stay positive if your boss is blaming you for shit you didn’t do, or your colleague is having an epic brain fart in the midst of an important project?

The same can be said for stay-at-home moms. Can a mother stay positive if her baby is unwell?

No, they get desperate and anxious and depending on how severe the situation is, probably offering up their own life in return for their baby’s health.

In this article, we’ll talk about channeling the power of the law while we navigate the many issues life hits us with on a daily basis.

Before we dive in, let me share my own experience with the law of attraction.

This one is from 6 years ago-

As soon as I hit puberty, my face turned into one giant pimple, cystic acne at that. They were all over my face, and they wouldn’t go away. I suffered for almost 8 years and it was sheer agony. The pain was so bad that I spent a great deal of money on expensive treatments, but nothing worked.

Let me tell you, only someone who has actually suffered from cystic acne really understands the pain. Finally, we found this doctor who barely charged any money, and only made time for people who couldn’t afford doctors.

When she found out how bad my case was, she agreed to see me. After having some blood test done, she prescribed a medicine and told me that it was known as ‘the golden drug’ in the market, and it suited very few people. A week later, I was supposed to get another blood test done to make sure I wasn’t reacting badly to the medicine.

So, I prayed really hard that the medicine will suit me. A week later we had the results and everything was fine. At that point, I was beyond ecstatic and 100% certain that my pain was about to end. I believed with every fibre of my being that my skin was going to clear up because of the “golden drug”.

The doctor had given me 2 months worth of medicine. In exactly 2 weeks, my acne started clearing up. TWO WEEKS!! That was amazing!

For 8 years I had had a face so completely covered in painful acne, I had forgotten what it felt like to place my face on the pillow and not hurt. I had been to some of the best doctors in the city and had given up coffee, dairy, fried food and what not. Nothing had worked!

Later, I found out that it wasn’t some “golden drug”. A lot of people have tried the drug and despite no obvious side-effects, their acne didn’t clear up. So, this was the first time in my life I unconsciously channeled the law of attraction.

Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize.

If you’ve been reading the posts on the blog, you’ll know that about 4 years ago due to certain incidents, I decided to change and be a better person. We all know change isn’t easy, but to me, it was the only option at the time.

I used to be extremely rigid, headstrong, opinionated, and a judgemental jerk of a person.

I give most of the credit for my personal growth to my mom, but there were a lot of flaws and obstacles that I never thought I would be able to handle.

Except, not only did I handle them, I kicked their ass, and this was all because I channeled the power of unflinching faith. I built a picture of the kind of person I wanted to be and decided to accept it into my reality. Basically, I acted as if the change had already happened.

Here’s what I love about the law of attraction, it draws its power from two of my favourite things – Hope and Faith.

When I read all the books and heard the interviews, I knew what I had to do, but the problem was implementing it day in and day out regardless of all that’s going on in my life.

I have always had a mind open to energy, guardian angels, and personal vibes. I came to know about the law 5 years ago, but I did absolutely nothing about it.

The two instances I shared were me tapping into the power unconsciously, but consciously I had no awareness of it. I watched the movie. It left no impression on me.

I think there is a right time for things like these and it is always when the universe considers you ready for the power.

In the first two months of 2017, my health suffered a lot. I was constantly sick and just generally, low on energy.

Those two months made me realise that I had to step-up my self-care routine, and I had to fix things on the inside. I started reading books on self-care and, I came across The Secret once again. After my first read, I tried using it to manifest my idea of a healthy life but, sadly nothing worked. I kept at it, but I got no results.

Now, the mistake I made was trying to do everything at once. I was actively forcing myself to be positive even in moments of distress. When the results wouldn’t show up, I would get really upset and for the next few days, I would give up on the whole thing.

So, after a lot of back and forth, I decided to do things slowly and with better understanding. I have become more realistic about the process. I took into account my busy schedule and drafted a list of practices that were doable.

Here’s how we do it-

1) Saturate your mind with gratitude

I have been on a path of self-development for almost 4 years now and one of the things that quickly became apparent to me was that I wasn’t grateful enough.

Most of the time, the people who embrace the law of attraction do so because of some existing crisis in their life.

To admit that you need help, your life must be going through a rough patch and in times like these, it is very easy to forget all the wonderful things your life already has.

In such cases, you call out to the universe from a place of desperation and need. I don’t see such a person keeping a positive frame of mind, do you?

So, acknowledge all the wonderful things and people you have in your life. Give thanks just for being alive and for having a family.

Thank the universe for the food and clothing you have. Meditate or do yoga. Whatever works for you.

One of the best things to do would be to maintain a gratitude journal. It will be a tangible reminder of how good your life is.

Doing all this will help remove the darkness, and you can take the necessary step towards a more positive mindset. Remember, gratitude helps affirm your desires!

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“I am attracting endless abundance by keeping a grateful mindset.”

2) Clarity of thought

If the genie granted you 3 wishes, what would you ask for? 3 more wishes? Isn’t that how the whole thing goes? Well, it doesn’t work like that. Even genies have rules.

The universe is like a genie – ready to grant 3 wishes. Now, instead of trying to make EVERYTHING happen at once, and creating a muddle of things in your head, just focus on what you really want. Prioritise!

Build a crystal clear picture in your head. Don’t confuse the universe. Jumbled thoughts are like static on the TV. Send clear signals to the universe so that it understands exactly what you’re asking for.

Unlike a genie, once the first 3 wishes are done, you can ask for 3 more but don’t ask for everything in one go. Go Slow, but go strong. Give one vision your entire focus.

3) Believe that you deserve all you desire

You know what doesn’t help the process? Self-doubt and you will doubt yourself if you don’t think you deserve what you’re asking for.

One way of getting rid of self-doubt is to hustle hard.

I am not someone who believes that you can get things without working for them.

A lot of people interpret the law as granting wishes without effort, but I don’t agree. If I am not working for what I want, I won’t be able to stay positive and optimistic.

While nothing is happening and you’re doing nothing to make it happen, it will be pretty hard for you to stay positive.

So, hustle hard and believe that you deserve what you’re asking for.

Above all, know that you are a force of nature capable of doing incredible things with your life.

Do whatever necessary to feel your power. A long workout session does it for me. Figure out what you need to do to feel powerful and do it often. Do it whenever you feel drained.

4) Energy and Environment 

No one can deny you anything. Only you can deny it through your vibrational contradiction.

Your beliefs have to be in alignment with your wishes. One way to do that is to get your energy and environment aligned with your wants and desires.

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If you want to be a corporate badass, you have to feel powerful. Create energy that can help with that.

Whenever you feel that your energy is sinking, do whatever is necessary to fix that. I have playlists for every mood.

Whenever I feel hopeless about my goals, I have a playlist that pumps me full of determination.

If I feel tired, I smile which tricks my brain into thinking I am happy. Before crashing, I watch comedy.

These are very little things, but they have a massive impact on my energy.

You need to come up with similar stuff that works for you. One thing that works for everyone is exercise – running, yoga, swimming or even brisk walks.

Exercise fills your body with endorphins and they elevate our mood right away.

Most importantly, stay away from toxic people. If caught in an unpleasant situation, know how to retreat from it.

Toxicity and Law of attraction DO NOT go together!

5) Don’t obsess

This is always a problem. We tend to obsess about our issues. It doesn’t help. When you obsess over your problems, you start imagining worst case scenarios and then it all goes to hell.

You start losing hope.

Before you know it, you are saying sh*t like – ‘I am never gonna make it.’

‘What if the law doesn’t work?’

Remember, the universe always says yes, so putting out negative energy in the form of negative words or self-criticism will bring back negative results.

You can rewire your brain to better control your words. Read more about that here.

Every time you start obsessing over the problem, distract yourself. Go to your happy place. Put on some music and break into a dance.

The law of attraction states that whatever you focus on, think about, read about, and talk about intensely, you're going to attract more of into your life.

6) Visualize

It works wonders. Close your eyes and just build beautiful images of a beautiful life in your head.

Believe that this is your life waiting for you to take ownership. It’s only a matter of time.

Put yourself in that scene and FEEL the success and happiness.

Visualization can really help cultivate a positive frame of mind and send out strong vibrations. If need be, build a vision board.

Surround yourself with pictures representative of your dreams. Focus on them.

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7) Stay focused and have faith

No instant wish fulfilment around here. Every success story started with grunt work. So, get cracking!

Do your part and don’t lose focus. It may be taking time, but it will happen.

The universe is your friend. Have faith!

Don’t engage in negative self-talk. I feel like that’s all I have really said in this article. The Secret says that ‘the universe always says yes.’

So, make sure that the yes is to all things good.

In conclusion, the law of attraction will not work if you don’t. Do your part.

Be grateful for all you have.

Surround yourself with positivity

Believe in yourself and the universe

Visualize success

Keep yourself from fixating on the lack. Instead, focus on abundance.

I am always looking to learn, share how you channel the power of law of attraction. Subscribe for more on the subject of manifestation.

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  1. Your story is amazing! The mind is such a powerful thing. I especially love your point about “the best way to remove self doubt is to hustle hard”. Yes, yes, yes! When you know you’ve worked for something and hustled hard, you feel more confident that you deserve results, which opens you up to more opportunities for growth and advancement. Brilliant article, thanks for sharing!

    1. Rhiannon, you are very, very kind! Although I don’t think you needed the aritcle considering you believe in the power of THE HUSTLE 😀 people like that usually get everything they are aiming for. I hope everything works your way. Good luck!

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