Freedom From Self-Doubt Workshop

Silence your self-doubt, build a strong mindset...

....and show up fully and fearlessly for your business.

Become a woman capable of building a reality that leaves fantasy in the dust 😉

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You are a woman with big dreams and ambitions but self-doubt, fear of the unknown, and imposter syndrome has you stuck. Your inner power is buried under layers of dysfunctional beliefs and a strong sense of inadequacy.  

Join me for an evening and I'll teach you how to-

Be Mindset Ready

Learn the #1 mindset hack that will help you move forward in uncertain times

Take Apart The Opposition

How to dismantle your self-doubts and take away their power

Load Up Your Arsenal

The 3 tools that will make you unstoppable

Let me show you the force of your inner power, so you can be relentless in the pursuit of your most intimidating goals.

Workshop Details

I’m hosting this 90 minute workshop on Zoom. Join me for the training and bonus live Q&A with more bonuses shared at the end of the workshop exclusively for those who show up LIVE.

When – August 25th, 9 pm IST or 10:30 am CST
Can’t join live? Lifetime replay access is included in your ticket.

For payments with Indian cards, please click here.


For payments with Indian cards, please click here.

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You dream big but you are not sure how to move past the feeling of inadequacy and reach for what you want.

I know exactly what that feels like!

I have been in that place of uncertainty where everything overwhelms you and the external negativity is a lot louder than that inner voice of belief. For years, I let others label me in ways that shamed and disempowered everything that was unique about me; I let fear of judgement guide my choices. The constant emotional chaos pushed me into depression, anxiety, a dependence on drugs, and dangerous mental episodes.

It took me a long time to become the woman that I am today. I have done the work and now, I am sharing my experience and learnings with women like yourself so that their struggle doesn’t go on as long as mine did. 

You are a brave woman and you’re already doing the work, it’s what brought you to this page. Now, let me help you build a path to your dreams, a path that you will walk awake to your power and capabilities.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

– Krati


More importantly, I will make you believe in yourself
long enough to take that leap and watch
a whole new life and woman unfold.


Silence your self-doubt, master your mindset, and show up fully and fearlessly for your business.

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