Martha Beck on Living Your Truth, Exploring Secret Yearnings, & Finding Strength in Surrender

Martha Beck


Have you ever felt like you’re walking a path that’s leading you further and further away from the person you were meant to be? Or that you’re living someone else’s life, speaking words that find no echo in your soul, doing things that feel like a betrayal of your deepest beliefs?

Living a life of integrity is no easy task especially considering we’re all conditioned to follow rules, accept ideas and opinions without question, and generally shrink ourselves to fit the space deemed acceptable for us based on our gender, colour, social status, education, and even religion. Regardless of how difficult it may be, the path of integrity is the only one that can bring you true joy, contentment, and growth. Fortunately, Martha Beck has made the process easier by writing a book that very gently guides you to realising and then living your truth.

In Episode #30 of Beyond The Goals, I talk to Martha about her book, The Way of Integrity and how it can help us find true purpose and authenticity, and in doing so heal the dysfunction in our life.

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About the guest-

Dr. Martha Beck, a bestselling author, life coach, and speaker. She has spent a lifetime offering powerful, practical, and entertaining teachings that help people improve every aspect of their lives. With three Harvard degrees in social science, Dr Beck, has written several self-help books and memoirs, including New York Times and international bestsellers Finding Your Own North Star, The Joy Diet, and Expecting Adam. She has also published over 150 magazine articles, including almost two decades of monthly columns for O, The Oprah Magazine. Martha is a passionate and engaging speaker, known for her characteristic blending of science, spirituality, and humor. As “the best-known life coach in America” (NPR, USA Today), she has spoken to audiences around the world on stage and on The Oprah Show, Good Morning America, and many other television programs.

Listen to the episode below-

This episode discusses topics like-

  • How to know when you’re not living in integrity.
  • How telling your truth can change your life
  • Finding and accepting inner joy even if it comes with external struggle
  • Identifying what our soul yearns for that may not necessarily match with the wants and needs of our rational mind
  • How to reach a place of surrender where you don’t need hope to sustain you and instead, acceptance is what keeps you grounded and at peace
  • When the people in your life are resistant to change
  • What does it feel like to live in integrity

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