5 Must-Read Books That Redefine Success & Growth

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I have been an ardent fiction reader my whole life so, non-fiction is still a relatively unexplored territory for me, but I am glad that I made the decision to read personal development books because they are a treasure.
More so for someone looking for success and growth.

Every book (fiction/non-fiction) unleashes so many emotions within me, but Self-development books are a different story. They don’t just stir up feelings, they push you to examine your perspective.

I could be absolutely certain about my stand on a subject, and a book will come along and shake up all my previously held notions. I have always said that I am a product of the books I have read. I am not susceptible to people, but books have a great deal of influence over me which makes it important that my reading material is intelligent and uplifting. 

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The books in this list are stupendous reads that anyone with dreams of successful life must read!

1. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

The Outlier, in the end, is not an Outlier at all.

This post is a result of my need to share the miracle that is ‘Outliers’ with the world. What a truly incredible read! We all admire certain individuals for their unbelievable success in their chosen field. A success that defied all odds; we listen to their stories, and we are awestruck.

There is a general tendency to lionise these individuals. Enter, Malcolm Gladwell!

The writer has discussed in great depth all the amazing success stories of the world and has SUCCESSFULLY removed all mysticism from their inspiring triumphs and reduced them to a simple matter of opportunity, grit, and hard work.

The book has redefined the term ‘Genius’ for me. It sheds light on so much we don’t see when we look at people like Bill Gates. Clearly, an impressive amount of research has gone into this book, and usually, books that are packed with information tend to be tad dry and tedious, but Outliers is an exception to that somewhat general rule.

The book is fascinating and I promise, it will have you hooked from page 1- something that not many non-fiction books can manage.It is our interest in the subject that keeps us going, but Malcolm Gladwell’s voice in this book will keep you involved, no problem! 

Trust me, if you are weaving dreams of an accomplished future driven by your ambitions, this book is a must-read for you. If you really internalise the insights shared in the book, it will open up a world of possibilities for you.

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We all have all the tools required to be a phenomenal success, we just need to put in the hard work and fight for the opportunities we need. None of which is very hard when your dream is the elixir that sustains your life.

2. Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant

Another impressively well-researched book, and one that reveals the less noticed (but important) facets to the world of ambition and success. 

Again, we are so enamoured by the successful people in the world that we try to emulate their choices. Originals cautions against doing so by sharing some stories that will make your re-examine your preconceived ideas. Give the creativity and originality within you free rein, and you’ll find the path to all your carefully nurtured ambitions.

Right after I finished Outliers, I started with Originals. There are some ideas that should be reinforced to concrete in your head. These two books, if one follows the other, will do that for you. For someone setting out on the path to their dreams, these books can be a true gift. 

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3. The Subtle Art of not giving a f*ck by Mark Manson

I was in love with not the fight but only the victory.

Who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for.

You’ve got to love the struggle!

I was reluctant to read this book because of the few reviews I had read online. It seemed as if the book might be a tad harsh. Stop trying to be”positive” all the time – the back cover actually says that.  It didn’t seem the kind of thing I wanted to read, but finally, I gave in and got the book. Now, I am so, so glad I did that. 

Yes, the book does have a bit of a harsh undertone, but it is raw and powerful. It is a unique self-help book. Mark Manson refuses to coddle his reader or go gentle on them. Once you’re done with the book, you’ll be glad for exactly those reasons.

Even if this entire book had been rubbish, there is this one chapter that would’ve made the time spent reading it, time well-spent.

I didn’t agree with everything the writer said, but I don’t think he really needs us to agree. The intent was to make us examine the ideas of happiness and growth we clutch onto with such desperation, I think.

The said ideas may be doing us more harm than good.

4. Awaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny! by Tony Robbins

Allow the book to light that fire within you – it’s going to carry you through struggle you don’t think you have the strength for! 

While, you’re out there fighting the good fight, what is sustaining your soul? What is keeping your mind and soul from giving in to the exhaustion? We all need sustenance for our spirit and mind that can help us keep going through the grim periods of our life.

Books have always been my sustenance of choice. This book certainly gets the job done. I highly recommend this to all those struggling for a better life or just hoping to keep their mental and emotional strength intact. 

I have already read the book once, I am reading it again. 

5. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I have recommended this book once before, and I wanted to add it again to this list because Big Magic truly does redefine the meaning of success and growth.

Do you value your talent based on the valuation others attach to it? Do you feel that your creativity is only as important as the success it attracts? 

Big Magic will make you think about all this without being pushy. Elizabeth Gilbert is a force of positivity and inspiration. I smiled through the entire book. It can convince you to bet on your creative-self with the creativity itself as the best reward.

Revel in your creativity, people! It is the best part of you!

Go grab yourself a copy of these books, you won’t regret it.

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