How To Create A Vision Board And Use Its Power To Manifest Your Dreams

Vision Board

Interesting in losing weight fast? or perhaps, you would like to use the law of attraction to manifest your dream house?

Good news for you – Vision boards can do all that and more!

Vision boards are huge. Everyone is doing them.

It is fascinating, creative and for people who are big believers in energy, it must seem like a shortcut to manifesting all their dreams.

I don’t agree with that last part because I honestly don’t think that channeling the power of a vision board is all that easy. It requires focus and conviction.

This whole article is based on my own experience and not on what I’ve heard or read about them. My first attempt has definitely been interesting. 

So, let’s dive in.

Take a look at the general google search around the subject of 'vision board'-

Law of attraction

The keywords ‘how to manifest using a vision board’ has about 3,80,000 results.

I am sure there are more resources that Google isn’t ranking. So, it is definitely a hot subject. Till not too long ago, I really believed that Vision Boards as a concept were introduced by the book, ‘The Secret’.

Turns out, that’s not true. Apparently, people have been using vision boards for decades.

Perhaps, the term ‘Vision Board’ is new, but the concept has been around for quite some time now.

A lot of the people didn’t really have a proper board so to say, but they were using pictures or just visual points of focus to create better energy and generate better vibes.

Jim Carrey carried a cheque to self-made out for 10 million dollars. He was paid the same amount for dumb and dumber.

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Oprah has been a promoter of visualisation for a long time. In several interviews, she has talked about how she has successfully used the process to turn her own life around. I hope that lends some credibility to the subject for non-believers out there. The first time I heard about vision boards, I really didn’t do anything about it. It clicked in later, perhaps at a time when I needed something like this.

I have always believed that there are things in our world that can not be fully explained, seen, or touched, but they can be felt. The past few years every time I stopped rationalising things and submerged myself into complete and total belief, things rearranged themselves into exactly how I want them to be. Every time I would start stressing and obsessing, it would disrupt my energy and my life would regress.

Life can be hard and unpredictable at times. It is difficult to maintain a positive balance at all times. It’s hard, but not impossible. This is why vision boards are so helpful in the process of manifestation. They make an excellent focus point for the dark, grim moments when you’re all turned around with life’s many curve balls. Vision boards can be your anchor – a way to mentally transport yourself to a place that embodies all your dreams.

How to create a vision board?

A vision board can be made with/on anything. You can use a foam board and pin pictures on it. I use a chart paper that I’ve put up on the wall facing my bed. Anything that you can hang up is good.

If you don’t want to hang anything on your wall, you can use an e-vision board. There are apps that allow you to create vision boards that can be carried around with you.

Once you’ve decided what you want to use for a vision board – chart, foam board, cardboard, phone app- decide what you want to put on the board.

You need pictures that represent what you want – Magazine or newspaper cutouts, printouts of pictures.

Think of the places you want to travel, the house you want to live in, the car you want to drive, just let your imagination go, and pick pictures that best reflect what you really want.

Collect the right kind of pictures, and start arranging them on your board in whatever pattern you like. You can also put up quotes on your board. Whatever you do, just make sure that the board is in a place of prominence.

Some of you may not even need a board. There may be just that one thing you really want from life in which case, all you need to do is to get a picture of it and put it in a place of prominence.

My board is divided into 4 sections - 

Quotes that reflect the kind of person I want to be

Countries I am planning on traveling to in the next 1 year

Short-term goals like learning how to drive or swim

Career-related goals

Dividing the board into sections helps me focus better. The point is to keep the board clean and avoid confusion.

How to use vision boards to bring law of attraction into effect?

Everyone has a different way of visualising, but the one method that has worked best for me is a really simple one. Twice a day, when my body is in a heightened state – early in the morning and after a workout – I focus on the vision board.

I lie back on my bed and I stare at the board one section at a time. You look at the images, but you focus on how you would feel if those images turned into reality. I wasn’t always using the strategy, but it has become a part of my routine as I have started combining my manifestation and meditation efforts.

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FEELING is the king in the art of manifestation so, when you think of your goals, a sense of achievement and complete happiness should be coursing through your body. My board had pictures of Vienna and I would look at them for a minute, then I would close my eyes and in my head, I would conjure up the same place as the one in the picture. I visualise myself as standing in the same place with a nice, cool breeze touching my hair.

The more I focus, the more I can feel the happiness, wonder, and awe of being in a place so beautiful. Once I have the picture in my head, I focus on the feeling with every fibre of my being. The more I focus, the more real it seems to me.

In your vision, touch the things around you and feel as you would if you were actually touching them. Basically, make the vision as close to reality as you can, and FEEL as you would if it really were your reality. Also, I am traveling to Vienna in April along with every other place that was on my board.

If you are focusing on that house you want, think of how you would feel if you really owned that house. The happiness of getting to decorate the space of your dreams should be so immense that you should be able to focus on it with a single-minded determination. This shouldn’t be hard, but it takes practice.

As I said, the vision board is like an anchor for your vision. It is a close reflection of your dreams.

1) Keep it simple, but impactful

The pictures cannot be a code for anything. Think of what you want and find an image that is as close a representation of it as you can get. Don’t get a different kind of picture for the same desire. If you want a house, get a picture of a house that really appeals to you, not a variety of different house with different styles.

You’re not negotiating. Don’t give universe options. Tell the universe exactly what you want so that the powers can bring it to you. The only reason you’ll give universe options is if you don’t believe in its power, and if you allow doubt to creep in, you won’t be able to manifest anything.

You should be able to look at that picture and feel the want in your gut. It should have an impact. You need to feel electrified with inspiration the moment you look at the board so, get images that can help with that. Don’t confuse the universe.

2) Uncluttered

Don’t cram your board with a 100 different images. I have seen a lot of boards online, and most of them had one thing in common. They were all crammed full of pictures.

Think of your vision board as one big picture that tells a story of an individual’s dreams. If a stranger looked at the board, they should be able to tell exactly what the person wants. I made the same mistake.

I crammed my board full of images, and when I would look at it, I would try to focus on all of those images which would really scatter my focus. So, keep it uncluttered. Make sure that only images that reinforce your connection to your dreams are on the board.

3) Take your time

Take your time in creating the board, and take your time when you focus on it. You don’t have to create the entire board in one go.

Put up pictures that you already have, and put more as and when you come across something that really appeals to you.

This will ensure that your board stays uncluttered, and only images with the most impact make it to the board.

Also, when you decide to focus on the board, make sure you have enough time. You should not be in a hurry.

Visualization requires exclusive focus. You should not be thinking about your endless to-do list or how you’re running late for that thing you have.

You should just be focusing on the board and then, the vision in your head and the feeling that vision engenders.

4) Prioritise

You should have complete clarity of what you want. There should be no confusion at all. To avoid confusion, prioritise. Instead of planning out your entire life in one go, try to focus on the next year or the next 6 months. If your board only has the pictures of your topmost priorities, it will help train your focus better.

My last board had images of things I thought I should have, but I didn’t really care about them. It just ended up taking away time from the things that I really should have been focusing on. I never felt connected to those images. They appealed to my mind, but there was no visceral connection. So, only include pictures that can create a strong connection to your dreams.

If you only want one thing in your life, then just put up one picture of that thing or carry it around in your pocket and focus on that.

5) Careful of when you focus

The time of day you pick to visualise is really important. Make sure you are in a quiet place where you feel safe. There should be no distractions. You should not be in a hurry to get elsewhere.

Your body should be relaxed.

I feel my best early in the morning and after a workout.

Visualising after a workout may seem counterproductive because of how wired our boy is, but I feel my absolute best after a workout. My body is humming with happy energy, and I feel accomplished after investing good sixty minutes in creating a healthier body.

So, think of the time when you feel your best or your body is at its most relaxed state, or its most happy state and pick those time to visualise.

6) Talk or write about it

There are other things you can do to make your vision feel real. ‘Fake it till you make it’, is used a lot for manifestation. It basically means that you act as if you already have your vision.

You FEEL the happiness, accomplishment, excitement of having exactly the sort of life you want. One thing that can help with that is talking about it. Talk about what you want, why you want it, and how having it would make you feel with someone you love and trust. I like to talk about it with my mom who is always just as happy and excited about it all as I am.

Write about it in your journal, but write as if you already have it. If it’s a house, then write about how you are feeling and everything you plan to do to decorate your new home. Write every day till, for the few minutes that you write, you can physically feel like you are sitting in the living room of your new home. These few minutes that you carve out of your day should feel like magic. Every day for these few minutes, I feel like I am in a whole other world. In those few minutes, my reality is altered, and I always come out of it feeling happier and rejuvenated.

7) Be patient

Don’t stress out if things don’t seem to be happening right away. It takes time. It will take time for you to create a strong focus, and it will take time for things to actually manifest.

Most importantly, feel grateful for what you already have. The intent is to add to the happiness and success we already have.

The universe is ready to grant your every wish, but to attract those things to yourself, you need to align your energy with the right vibe and frequency. You need to be sure of your success not just for a few minutes every day, but for every minute of every day. Read more about that here

Your energy has to be positive and in alignment with the kind of vision you want. There is no room for self-doubt. Channel the power of positive thinking into creating a happy environment for yourself. Consume content that helps with the process.


A vision board is a happy, creative way of channeling the law of attraction. It is a tangible representation of your dreams.

Think of it as a portal into a different world. Every day you get to step through that portal and live the life that is waiting for you to claim it.

Get Clear about your goals

Create the board and place it in position of prominence

Visualise your goal at any time during the day when you’re in a state of relaxation

As you visualise, engage all your senses

Maintain confidence and take action towards your goals

The one thing that will help strengthen the whole process is actual efforts towards your dreams and ambitions.

Keep working at them, and you’ll find it easier to focus and therefore, manifest. When we are taking action, we feel powerful.

We can actually allow ourselves to believe that things are going to go in our favour.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Your dream is worth the effort so, keep at it. Be so focused that you compel every power in the universe to grant your every wish.

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