How To Practice Self-Love With Self-Discipline?


Self-Discipline is the best and healthiest form of self-love

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I wrote a post about self-love in which I talked about all these things an individual must do to practice self-love. I stand by all of those things, but in the past few months, I’ve come to realise that while all those things are necessary to cultivate a growth mindset and build confidence, the most basic AND essential way of practicing self-love is through self-discipline.
Discipline and love, two words that we don’t often see together. Discipline is more of a punishment for some people, but stick with me and I’ll show you how insanely obvious it is that self-discipline is THE way you show yourself love.

Any good parent knows that if you truly care about your child, as difficult as it may be, you instil discipline in them so that they grow into adults capable of taking charge of their life. If you let your child run amuck, not only will they grow up to be spoilt adults, there is a good chance they’ll blame their parents for everything. You see how love equals discipline?

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Same goes for how we treat our body, mind, and soul. Mindless indulgence is not the way to nurture the self. People who consciously practice self-love, either discover or build an unshakeable core of self-worth. They refuse to settle for an existence that is marked by bad health, debilitating thoughts, or a negative mindset. Smoking an issue? Discipline yourself into quitting.

Sluggish because you stayed up late? Force yourself to go to bed on time every day.

Important exams coming up? Kick ass by studying hard and resisting temptation.

Sugar hurting your health? Again, discipline is your answer!

You will make the healthier choice BECAUSE you love yourself.

How you can practice self-love with self-discipline guiding its path? 

1. Build yourself a morning routine

Hands down, THE MOST IMPORTANT thing for a growth-oriented, productive life!

If you are wasting your mornings in bed, you will not get anything done in life. Individuals who have gone on to accomplish their goals will all tell you that it is essential that you have a morning routine.

If you win the morning, you win the day!

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You want to be crazy productive all day long, get yourself a routine. Here’s why it is so essential- 

Start your day with a bang!

A productive morning will ensure you carry the satisfaction of accomplishment with you for the rest of the day. The stress is manageable, and the dopamine hit elevates your mood making you more determined to have a successful day.

Shot of positivity and optimism. My morning routine is all about gratitude exercises, meditation, and yoga. I won’t even go into why these things are such game changers. Unless you have been living under a rock, you should already know the value they can add to our lives.

If you’re a creative soul, you need to try working in the morning. The juices flow like nobody’s business. Trust me, I know!
So yeah, getting out of bed sucks but it will change your life for the better. Do it just for a couple of days and you’ll see what I mean.

If you successfully create a morning routine, add journaling, meditation, exercise to it. Anything that helps focus your energies, just so your energy levels are elevated and raring to go by the time you settle down to work.

2. Learn all the time!

Do you like watching a show before bed or during a meal? Yes? Make the show an educational one.

Get into the habit of reading every single day! Seriously, if you have goals, you need to be learning from experts. Find yourself a mentor. If you can’t afford to have physical access to that person, read and listen to every single piece of content they have put out there.

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Read even when you don’t want to! Make notes. Learn everything you can about your chosen field. This is where you have to discipline yourself to turn down the temptation of Netflix and channel your mental energies into the right direction. 

Discipline is when you forgo the immediate pleasures for the exchange of longtime self respect and success.

3. Be growth hungry

Drill into yourself a desperate need to succeed and by success, I don’t mean becoming rich. It means that you do in life what you love, and then, you give back to the world around you.
We all get stuck in the 9-5 because it’s comfortable and secure so do yourself a favor and light within yourself a fire to be better.

Spend time watching, listening, and hanging around people who make you uncomfortable about the limited number of achievements in your life. Aim to have all the things you love. It’s possible but only with grit and determination and discipline is of course, essential. The discipline to work when everyone is going off to bed is what you need to beat your competition.

Your mental environment should be wired to win! Feed it the right content and discipline it into staying focused, and the world is your Oyster. 

4. Organise and Prioritise

Get into the habit of noting down the most important tasks of the day. Make a list before you dive into your day, and order them based on their level of importance.

If you have 15 things to accomplish within a day, pick 5 most important tasks and decide that these must get done. No matter what happens, achieve those 5 tasks every single time. Once you are wired to successfully do AT LEAST those 5 tasks, step up the game!
This will only happen through self-discipline. 

5. Disciplined use of social media

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly noticing that people have gotten into the habit of complaining about their lives.

They look at someone’s ‘edited’ post on the social media and decide that their own life sucks.
They never think about what this person must have done to get where they are, the only takeaway is that their own life will never be better. Living with this much pessimism isn’t just unproductive, it is toxic to your emotional, physical, and mental health. There are countless studies that conclusively prove that our thoughts can strengthen or weaken our immune systems.
Optimism can help us heal faster.

Not to mention, our emotional and mental health is entirely dependent on our thoughts. If your mental environment is toxic, nothing in your life will go right.

There is only one solution-

Disciplined and controlled use of social media. Don’t go online first thing in the morning or the last thing before you sleep.
Your mind is at its most receptive after a full night’s sleep. Feed it something healthy and valuable in the morning. Something that you don’t mind investing your mental energy into.

In our sleep, our subconscious is vulnerable to the thoughts we think right before we sleep. Make those few minutes before you drop off count.

The goal is to be someone that adds value to the rest of humanity. We must live our purpose and do our part to make the world a better place. So, first fix your own self.

Establish control over your thoughts. Direct your energy into something constructive every minute of every day. Build yourself a routine that makes you more productive.

Eventually, you will notice yourself turning into someone you can be proud of; even on your worst days, you’ll grow.

This is the highest form of self-love. Be willing to feel a little pain today, in order to create a tomorrow marked by sustained growth, happiness, and success. 

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