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Stand Up For Yourself (The Right Way) with Amy E. Smith

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Episode#42 with Amy E. Smith covers a subject that’s very important to me; it’s about standing up for what yourself, your beliefs, hopes, and dreams and communicating them to the people you love and every other interested party in a way that gets the point across without shredding your dignity. If you’re familiar with my story, you know that staying silent over important matters is what led to my dependence on drugs and self-harm. I had to destroy myself before I found the courage to say, ‘f*ck it!’ and speak my mind, and it was such a relief. 

Gradually, the self-hate and anger went away and I could finally look myself in the mirror without flinching. More importantly, I learned to love myself in a way that made what anyone else thought about me irrelevant to the value I placed on myself. Sadly, I had to burn a lot of bridges to get to this place of calm and self-belief but maybe, you can find a similar sense of empowerment without having to go through the struggle. In this episode, we discuss speaking our truth and standing up for ourselves, the right way.

Amy shares her own story and helps us understand what successful communication looks like and others things you can do to share your perspective without antagonising others and becoming your own anchor so that you can let truth lead.

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About the guest-

Amy E. Smith is a certified confidence coach, master certified hypnotherapist, speaker, and personal empowerment expert. She is also certified in NeuroLinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly called Tapping, and Inner Child Work. Amy is the Founder of TheJoyJunkie. She also has a podcast by the same name and she uses her various platforms and expertise to help individuals find strength, self love, and the ability to build a life that is a reflection of all that they true believe in and want out of life and not a lie they continue to live to appease convention or the people they love.

Amy has personal and professional experience that allows her to approach subjects of self-empowerment with empathy and practicality with no extreme measures but tactics grounded in compassion and understanding.

Listen to the episode below-

This episode discusses topics like-

  • Amy’s story and why she chooses to focus on this area

  • How did Amy initiate change in her life that was more reflective of who she was at her core? 

  • How to stand up for yourself without being a jerk

  • Resolving issues with parents

  • Choosing to share based on the other person’s perspective

  • How to become your own anchor and approaching communication from a place of strength

  • Why personal development lessons may not be enough and what else you can do to live a more successful life

  • Making choices that support the self without feeling selfish

  • Why it’s so important to speak and live your truth

  • Why it’s so important to teach emotional intelligence to your children

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