1-1 coaching to help women

Wake up to their potential and unleash the possibilities.

When you dream about your ideal life, the woman you see moving through that dream, living that fantasy, is that you or a version of you that’s vastly different from your real self? If it’s the latter, you have landed in exactly the right place. I can help you become the woman worthy of your highest goals so you can create the life you have always wanted. 

By the time we complete our work together, your reality will leave fantasy in the dust 😉
"In three sessions, Krati helped me believe that I deserve to fight for myself and my right to live a healthy life and that I should ask for help when I need it. Together, we wrote scripts and this weird instruction manual (specifically for my needs) to help me navigate confrontations with friends and family so that I can stand up for myself without going too far. I do a lot of things differently now and the focus is always on what serves me best. My inner world has changed since I've been working with Krati and my outer world is beginning to catch up."
Julie Kravitz, Australia

Let’s begin with the basics.

Do you...

For what it’s worth, we have all been there.

There are countless studies that will tell you that women world-over feel exactly the same way. What’s important is that we find a way to get past all of that is holding us back and not let this sense of uncertainty and inadequacy be our forever reality.

Imagine if you could become -

If this woman sounds like a fantasy, I am here to tell you that SHE IS NOT. 

It’s a version of you that already exists buried under layers of fear and self-doubt, dysfunctional social conditioning, and toxic emotional cycles kept alive by a weak personal narrative.

You simply need to do the self-work necessary to take apart these layers and find the woman underneath, the woman with a strong sense of identity, emotional intelligence, and confidence to boldly reach for the life she wants and more.

Let’s Do it together!

Best four weeks in a very long time!

"....I've just completed a few weeks of online coaching with Krati Mehra & I can truly state that it has been the best four weeks in a very long time....Krati took me through weeks of excavating myself, excavating my narrative, my fears, my vulnerabilities. Some deep, sensitive stuff was discussed and I always felt that I could trust her...She was truly very supportive. Her coaching has truly brought out so much in my life, so much that was holding me back, that was stopping me. It has brought clarity, it has brought direction, it has brought new energy and a new approach to my life and it has definitely brought me value and a focus on self-care again which I haven’t had for a very long time. With everything in me, I can recommended Krati's program...how she engages, her coaching, how she takes you through the program. It was just phenomenal and life-changing. I am truly grateful for her. Krati truly is a unique individual, very special, very talented in her calling. I'm very excited to watch her grow into the world because if she has done this for me and to me in the past few weeks and sessions she is truly going to change the world.
Thank you, Krati."
Manda Van Heerdan, Cape Town, South Africa

What do we focus on during the sessions?

#1. Personal Narrative

Everyone has a story and every story has power. We begin by establishing yours, it means we go deep into your past, discuss your present, and map out your future. We figure out if you are the protagonist or simply a supporting character in your own story. Clarity around your personal narrative makes it easy for you to build an intentional strategy to bridge the gap between your current reality and the life you want. 

We follow this up by creating the story that you want to live and the persona that will serve you best, my favourite part of the process. It’s like setting free every dream, desire, and fantasy, and letting it soar and as you immerse yourself in a world of possibilities, we build you the character that will keep you grounded and alive in your fantasies. It means, pinning down the qualities, skills that you must develop to achieve your goals and more importantly, the tools, techniques, and processes that can help.

#2. Emotional Awareness and Management

The most important and prominent part of everyone’s life, emotions influence our every choice, and when you don’t run your emotions, your emotions run you. As part of our work together, I will help you get adept at managing negative emotions, amplifying the joy in your life. Learning to manage emotions like fear and pain also leads to the cultivation of courage and conviction which translates to forward movement and consistent growth.

#3. Confident Communication and Self-Expression

Learn how to communicate thoughts and ideas effectively, handle confrontations, and express emotions clearly so that you never again get dismissed for being ‘too much’ or ‘too volatile’. Boldly, speak your truth, set boundaries, and create safe containers for yourself in important relationships so that they’re not jeopardised by emotionally impulsive moves.

#4. Systems of Support​​

We assess your daily life and interaction to figure out if your environment, relationships, and daily practices are conducive to growth, especially the creation of the life you want. We put together systems that can be integrated into your daily life, that nurture your emotions, control the chaos, proactively assess your needs, and guide your actions.

This system of progression has been put together based on the issues and expectations that lead my clients into seeking help. In the last two years, focusing on these elements has had the deepest, most positive impact on my clients leading to the transformation they desired. 

We focus on the 3Cs- Clarity, (inner) Courage, and (outer) Confidence and we cultivate better emotional intelligence, strong personal narrative, and internal and environmental systems to ensure consistent progress. To learn more, 

"Krati really embodies what she teaches in her sessions. She is so bold that when she told me about the change I will experience by working with her, I was really sceptical. I couldn't believe that anything could undo the self-doubt that had been gathering strength for years, but that's exactly what happened as I started working with Krati, and she didn't even put me through anything too stressful as I had expected. She was always so gentle and compassionate but she brought into light so many things about me that I had ignored for years and she made it impossible for me to keep wallowing in my fears and negativity. Even though I wanted to keep going, Krati ended our sessions. She wants me to live what I have learned before we do more work. I can honestly say that she is one of those rare individuals who really does prioritise her clients over profits. I am glad that I found her and I hope to do more work with Krati.
Annie Barrington, Canada

Wondering if I am the right coach for you?

Yes, if...

Not, if...

You dream big but you are not sure how to move past the feeling of inadequacy and reach for what you want.

I know exactly what that feels like!

I have been in that place of uncertainty where everything overwhelms you and the external negativity is a lot louder than that inner voice of belief. For years, I let others label me in ways that shamed and disempowered everything that was unique about me; I let fear of judgement guide my choices. The constant emotional chaos pushed me into depression, anxiety, a dependence on drugs, and dangerous mental episodes.

It took me a long time to become the woman that I am today. I have done the work and now, I am sharing my experience and learnings with women like yourself so that their struggle doesn’t go on as long as mine did. 

You are a brave woman and you’re already doing the work, it’s what brought you to this page. Now, let me help you build a path to your dreams, a path that you will walk awake to your power and capabilities.

I can’t wait to see you on the other side!

– Krati


More importantly, I will make you believe in yourself
long enough to take that leap and watch
a whole new life and woman unfold.