It’s time! Stop letting life happen TO you.

Step into your power and take back control. Let me help you focus your inner resources and CREATE the life you want.

To control & craft your reality, you must first learn to channel your emotions.

I am sure you’ve felt the truth of that statement on several occasions.

I refer to moments of panic that could’ve been better spent calmly taking action, angry outbursts that hurt your credibility, walkouts that made it look like you didn’t care enough, periods of chaos when external noise turned you deaf to the voice of sanity, or when your self-hate turned you into a self-saboteur.

You see, negative emotions cause physiological arousal that makes them addictive due to which it become difficult to break unhealthy behaviour patterns. Emotional mastery is elusive but necessary to reach the next level of growth.

Maybe, you are buried under all that chaos; I can’t change your life but I can give you the tools to create your own transformation and in doing so, write a narrative that you can repeat to yourself in moments of self-doubt -a story of emotional triumphs, surprising self-knowledge, & deep awareness of your strengths even in humbling moments of defeat.

Skills you'll learn with me-


Emotional Regulation and Expression


Relationship Management

Crafting a conscious

Sessions Aimed At-

A Healthy, Supportive Belief System

Limiting beliefs are difficult to weed out because they’ve a story at their base,  a story with profound emotional impact and the only way to get past it is by untangling the web of those emotions and making sense of what fits and what doesn’t. So, create a narrative that supports growth & forward movement, & an internal system that supports your ambitions while keeping you grounded.

Calm, Clarity and Courage

Clarity about & around your life visions, capabilities, and past achievements leads to courage and calm in our life. Complete self-awareness is how you leash the chaos, for good. Once you’ve a foundation built on clarity, you can make bold moves from a place of courage supported by your self-knowledge and certainty around what you’re capable of.

A Strong, Independent Self

Do you know yourself without the outer trappings and all external attachments? Only by knowing yourself as an individual, not defined by anything else like family, job, or social standing is how you build a core  of strength that helps you navigate the stormy periods of your life and gives you the kind of confidence that can never be taken away regardless of your circumstance.

Relationships Built on Open, effective communication

As your emotional vocabulary grows, you’ll find yourself becoming emotionally articulate. Communication from a place of vulnerability AND confidence is necessary to create the right space in your relationships and once you’ve a better understanding and control of your emotions, you should be able to share them as well inviting trust and security into your relationships.

Kind words from past clients

Happy and successful is good, but I’d rather aim for fulfilled, ecstatic, and awakened.

If you’re done swimming in the shallows and would like to shoot for the stars, book your first session and let’s get started.

Book A session

One on One

1:1 Session

After ensuring mutual compatibility (during the free session), we begin by digging into where you’re currently, what’s working for you, and what you would like to further develop. We set out clear goals and points of achievements with a tentative timeline and once we’re clear about our agenda, I help you develop the tools and techniques you need to leash the chaos in your life, create healthy beliefs with a strong, supporting narrative, and most importantly, I help you build awareness around your emotions – correctly identifying and articulating them as needed.

This is best suited for individuals looking to reach the next level of growth by harnessing internal resources and adding an extra dimension to the skills and capabilities they already have. 1:1 coaching offers steady, structured progress without the overwhelm. 

90 Minute Intensive

90 life-altering minutes during which we’ll build a solid strategy that can and will help you overcome your immediate challenges and achieve your immediate goals. We’ll cover everything you need to avoid overwhelm and amplify your strengths. By the end of the session, you’ll feel confident and sure of success.

This is suitable if you already have a fair idea of your growth opportunities and simply need the tools, knowledge, and a clear action plan to move forward and accomplish your chosen goals.

90 Minute Intensive Session

“I used to give too much importance to reason until I discovered the world was shaped not by reason but by emotion.”

― Bangambiki Habyarimana

FREE resources on offer

What Is Your
Emotional Archetype?

Power or prison, what role do your emotions play in your life? Are you ruled by your emotions or are you the one in control? How emotionally intelligent are you? In difficult moments, can you carefully understand, manage, & use your emotions to overcome challenges? Find out with this quiz. 


Focused Learning With Free Online Workshops

Begin your journey from chaos to empowerment with a free training created to help you understand particular aspects of emotional intelligence and how best to build on it.

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Emotional Intelligence 101

Managing Stress During Times of Uncertainty & Distress

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What is Your Emotional Archetype?

Power or Prison, what role do your emotions play in your life? Do they add to your power or are  they the secret saboteur holding you back? Take the free quiz to find out.